Science of Happiness: 25 Instant Benefits To Your Life

July 25, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

The Science of Happiness is so new that I’ve received tons of questions about it. For example, what is it? Is it a real science? How does it fit in with Yuen Method?  With the core principle of neutrality?

Likewise my Science of Happiness Course is so new that I’ve received an unprecedented number of similar questions about it too.  My response until this time has been the same…

That the benefits are too numerous, deep reaching, and life changing so words simply cannot do it justice.

That being said, I went ahead and took some extra time to share with you 25 instant benefits you will unlock by becoming a Self-Expert in the newly emerging field of The Science of Happiness!

Note, this list doesn’t even scratch the surface of what The Science of Happiness has in store for you.  And because Happiness Is A Science and not an art, it means there is a specific set of actions you can take to instantly produce that result.

25 Instant Results: Science of Happiness Course

  1. Unconditional Neutrality To Everything
  2. Unlock Your Personal Formula For Success
  3. Get rid of obsessive worrying
  4. Release destructive grudges
  5. Decode other people’s unspoken rulesets
  6. Stop constant upward / downward comparisons
  7. Completely Redefine the definition of Happiness
  8. Eliminate pessimistic outlook
  9. Nurture stronger bonds & relationships
  10. Discover your true life purpose
  11. Time Mastery (Strength to Past, Present, & Future)
  12. Shed fears & phobias about failure, rejection, and insecurity
  13. Achieve Financial Freedom
  14. Stop seeking out constant approval
  15. Overcome boredom, lack of motivation, & indecisiveness
  16. Achieve short goals and long term dreams
  17. Become a fully independent Self-Expert
  18. Create & capitalize on life changing opportunities
  19. Find your dream job
  20. Re-prioritize your life for success
  21. Stay unaffected by other’s judgements & criticisms
  22. Find balance between risk taking and patience
  23. Realize why relaxation is harmful to happiness
  24. Shatter your ‘victim’ mentality
  25. Choose to create unconditional Happiness Through Neutrality

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