Shaolin Kung Fu communicates with animal’s physical and spiritual intelligence

November 9, 2022
November 9, 2022

Shaolin KungFu communicates with animals’ physical and spiritual intelligence:

The tiger, panther, snake, monkey, gorilla dragon, eagle, hawk, and crane. It does that with insects, including the praying mantis, spider, flea, ant, and butterfly.

The Shaolin Monks resonate with natures and nature’s creatures’ internal and external Qi that led to the formulation of Qigong for humans.

Qigong has been used to resolve all of life’s problems for thousands of years, and its benefits are immediate.
Within seconds in time. As fast or faster than modern computers.

The claim must be made for Qi and Qigong, otherwise we might as well accuse ourselves of playing possum so to speak or are fearful of making claims that our thinking minds place its infinite limitation on our physical potentials.

The Shaolin monks had mastered faultless perception, intuition, and insight offered by Qigong.

The monks were enlightened by taking action with Qi and Qigong for thousands of years before pharmaceutical medicine and psychotherapy existed. It has led to the immediate Qi solution to any problem at hand.

As soon as you started taking action than just reading books about Qi and Qigong, applying it more than just practicing it, everything in you and around you immediately changed:

There is no change of mindset shift required. Just empty the mind and enlighten your spiritual levels. Accomplishing this is easier than you think. Pretty much immediately!

The Yuen Method (YM) The Science of Immediate Results is a process by which humans’ physical and spiritual intelligence can resolve most, if not all, pets’, and animals’ problems.

It improves their overall longevity and quality of life, with less to no pain or discomfort despite what injury they have experienced.

All injuries can quickly resolve without being physically present with the individual or a group of animals.

We can be thousands of miles apart.

Nothing mystical, just wireless internet.

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