Shark Wheel CEO Zack Fleishman, Pain Gone – Yuen Method

Shark Wheel CEO Zack Fleishman, Pain Gone

Shark Wheel CEO Zack Fleishman

Shark Wheel CEO Zack Fleishman

The most frequently asked question we receive is “Will the Yuen Method work for me?”

Some may be skeptical at first, but to understand the Yuen Method, and the long term benefits it will contribute to your life, check out this video success story from Zack Fleishman, Professional Tennis Player, who ranked number 11th in the United States and #127 in the World.

Zack said he went from being 100% skeptical that the Yuen Method would work on him, to a life long patient and good friend of Dr. Yuen’s. His story is mesmerizing and Dr. Yuen wanted to share it with you.

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Zack Fleishman shares his story of how Dr. Yuen deleted his pain and injuries (despite visiting Laker’s Doctors, Clipper’s Doctors and Dodger’s Doctors) over the past 20 years on his journey to success. From Professional athlete to Chief Operating Officer at Shark Wheel, a company that reinvented the wheel into a sine wave shaped design, he shares a mesmerizing personal success story and states that “Dr. Yuen was my secret weapon to success.”

Even if you are not an all star professional athlete, applying the Yuen Method can direct you to a level that is far greater than you can possibly imagine.

If you are suffering from the flu or injury, you must “delete it, on the spot” so that you can get back in the GAME of life and WIN! The key is HOW FAST you can delete it!

The Yuen Method will direct you to achieve your wants, needs, and desires, immediately on the spot, so that you can experience LIFE VICTORIES daily!

“I am proud of Zack in his accomplishments in life, as he is now CEO of Shark Wheel, and on his way to even more success!”

It’s not every day somebody actually makes an effort to reinvent the wheel. But the guys behind the Shark Wheel have done just that, and come up with a design for skateboards that might just make a lot more sense to use than the previous round wheels.

“The ingenious introduction of these new wheels replacing the former round wheels reinforce the innovation, which is always required in business as well as the high level of tennis performances as Zack has experienced so appropriately. It involved his flexibility, agility, coordination, speed, which developed strength and endurance as been advocated in Yuen Method new complete fitness”.

Dr. Kam Yuen

For more info on Zack check out his website

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