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The Source of Pain


Pains commonly are physical, mental and emotional.

They are also psychological, psychic and spiritual. Pains already reside inside of you. Pains are internally inside your body, mind and spirit.

This is in spite of  everyone’s conventional belief that the sources of pain are mainly physical, and externally originated. The sources are not obvious. Wherever you think the pain has originated is not where it is coming from.

This is indeed a difficult conventionality to accept. Accepting it differently is the only approach in achieving immediate results for all pains.

This ends all debates, studies and research. Only the result of immediate pain relief is noteworthy!

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Becky - February 26, 2014

Is this an online event?

I purchased a lot of Kam Yuen’s material and am not sure how I can utilize it in my life. I was told I have blocks to healing… okay…

Anywhoo, The pain I’m experiencing, from the word of my naturopathic doctor, would be the pain that is created from my liver. I have a lot of symptoms from that.

    Dr. Kam Yuen - March 4, 2014

    My 5 weeks of teleclinic on deletion of chronic pain is a TeleEvent.
    It means that you don’t have to travel to receive the experiences of improvement.
    I would not ever tell you that you have blocks to healing. Healing is not necessary, just the right answers that leads to immediate results.
    The pain you are experiencing is not coming from your liver. If that answer was right, it would have resolved our pain.
    The source of your pain is from your physical surroundings.

carmen flores - February 27, 2014

Hola Dr Yuen y eqiupo, mi hemana Ramona dice que tiene mucho dolor, ella tiene problemas con el pancreas y el corazón y se pone parches de morfina, dice que si no se pone eso el dolor sería insoportable. Gracias por tu hermosa acción y por tu amor a la humanidad. Gacias.

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