Suppose you are a health professional, therapist, or health advocate.

March 2, 2023 Mike Heise


Suppose you are a health professional, therapist, or health advocate.

In that case, you may want to experience how headaches, common colds, congested sinuses, and sore throats can be resolved on the spot with our qigong methodology linkage that goes back over five thousand years.

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– Dr Kam Yuen,DC, GrandSifu Shaolin KF, TaiQi, Qigong, Rocket Scientist.

Just to follow up from headaches and the common colds and congestion experiences.
According to a Google search, there are seven common headaches with steps to fight them.

7 Common Headaches and How to Fight Them

  • Tension Headache. …

  • Sinus Headaches. …

  • Exertion Headaches. …

  • Migraines. …

  • Hormone Headaches. …

  • Cluster Headache. …

  • Hypertension Headaches.

It isn’t the best advice to “fight them”!
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You will have four specific meeting opportunities to resolve them without any fighting effort from you.
Your common colds and all their symptoms will be subsided without you doing anything except to know how they are done for you, families, coworkers, fellow students, etc.

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