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Ever since birth, my son was allergic to dairy products. He was only able to have a very little amount of milk, which needed to be completely fat free. Growing up, this allergy was not noticeable because we simply avoided dairy. However, when he went away to college at age 18, the situation changed dramatically.

Living in the dorm, he ate whatever the cafeteria offered. The menu included many foods with dairy products such as pizza, chicken parmesan, grilled cheese, ice cream, etc. His allergic reactions to these foods manifested in severe stomach pain shortly after eating. The pain became so severe that he asked me to make an appointment with a gastro enterologist for him, which I did. Fortunately, I had previously attended seminars with Dr. Kam Yuen. I found him to be a man with great humility and integrity.

I was overjoyed to learn that Dr.Kam Yuen was scheduled to be in New York just three days before my son’s doctor’s appointment.

I cautiously asked my son if he would be willing to see Dr. Kam Yuen. I said this cautiously because at this time, not only did my son have no interest in this area of healing but he also felt that it was impossible and completely ridiculous to consider. I “convinced” him to go by offering him a free weekend in New York City with me.
I also added that if it worked, it would save him from any traditional medical treatments, which might include unpleasant side effects and/or surgery with no guarantee of a permanent cure. Since he had nothing to lose and a free weekend to gain, he agreed. Prior to the healing session, my son filled out a paper, which indicated his medical problem. At the healing session, my son sat across a small table from Dr. Kam Yuen. They spoke briefly about his allergy to dairy products. Then Dr. Kam Yuen did “his thing” from across the table. The session soon ended. My son did not observe Dr. Yuen doing anything nor did he feel anything. To prove to me that nothing happened, my son had a chicken parmigian sandwich the next day. Before Dr. Kam Yuen’s healing, this would result in severe stomach pain soon after eating it.

My son was very surprised and grateful to experience absolutely no pain after eating the sandwich. Since then, he has been able to eat all dairy products without any adverse consequences. Needless to say, my son to this day is thankful for everything that Dr. Kam Yuen has done for him. From having experienced the healing, my son was curious enough to take a weekend seminar with Dr. Yuen that he found very rewarding. My son wishes Dr. Yuen great success in everything he does.

-K.L’s Healing

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There’s an organization in the Los Angeles area that publishes a catalogue of workshops and seminars that they sponsor. I rarely ever look through this catalogue, but for some reason, one day several months ago, I did. As I looked through it, I saw an ad for a seminar that mentioned something about eliminating pain, allergies…

Well, I had these two things for years. I’d gone to neurologists — all kinds of medical doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, and physical therapists. I’d had acupuncture, acupressure, and movement therapy. I’d been put of strict diets, hospitalized. I’d had biopsies and other invasive procedures performed on me that I don’t even want to think about. I’d been told everything, concerning my symptoms, from it’s all in my head to I have this kind or that kind of disorder. I was told that I had vaginal (pain), irritable bowel syndrome, hereditary migraines.

My extreme allergies to most foods baffled everyone; I had these problems three years. I was working around chemicals and had a car accident. So, no one knew what triggered everything. All of the medicine that the medical doctors gave me only made matters worse. And all of the alternative methods helped a bit, but didn’t take me very far.

I was desperate and in a lot of pain when I saw Dr. Kam Yuen’s ad. I thought that it was at worst a scam, at least something that might ease my discomfort a bit, working no better than the other methods that had promised so much and done so little. But at best, it could be the one thing that could really help me. I’d spent so much money on all of the other treatments; why not spend a few more bucks, I thought. I might even get some useful information out of the seminar, perhaps learn of some other types of treatments, pick up the name of some herbs I hadn’t heard of before, take away with me some kind of spiritual wisdom to fall back on when times got rough… I didn’t know. I just knew that I couldn’t make matters worse.

I drove to the other side of town, after a long hard day at work to attend the seminar. I was exhausted, grumpy, a complete skeptic. But something peculiar happened. When I went into the room, as the seminar moderator spoke about her experiences with Dr. Yuen and his method, right before she introduced him, I felt a surge of energy go through my body. Then I turned around and saw Dr. Yuen standing inconspicuously with his back against the wall on one side of the room, quietly waiting for his introduction. I knew then that there was something to this man and Yuen Method. Dr. Yuen told me that there was no need for me to be in pain, that there was no need for anyone to be in pain. He said, “I can help you,” And he did, Dr. Yuen did what no one else could do. Several minutes of him working on me at his seminar and at one of his workshops was all that it took. Thanks to Dr. Yuen and Yuen Method, I have no more pain, no more allergies and I am eternally grateful to him for this. I appreciate my life so much more now and I marvel at the new me.

I’ve referred a couple of people to him, and they have told me of incredible results. I would refer anyone with any kind of problem to Dr. Yuen. He is truly a Godsend.

-Denise Wilson

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Animal Illnesses

I have an 11 year old dog I adopted from an 85 year-old woman who had died. I live on the third floor of a condo that does not have an elevator, and to go up and down the stairs was a great strain for this dog. He would stop at each floor to rest. I did a lot of Yuen Method Techniques on him and now he can literally sprint up the stairs.

-Terry Wohl, Chicago

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I have a miniature pincher dog with many behavior problems. It’s ten pounds, which is twice the weight it should be. He was vicious and liked to kill things. It was time for him to be euthemized. I wanted to give him one last chance, so I asked Dr. Yuen to work on him. The dog had five different animal personalities, as well as various curses and past karma that was afflicting him. I literally watched the muscles on my dog relax as he was being worked on. He visibly calmed down and stared at Dr. Yuen the entire time. He is now a much nicer pet, he’s peaceful, calmer, and he doesn’t try to kill anybody. I still use the muzzle when I walk him, but I feel now he can live a long life and be a good pet from here on out.”

-Janet Riegsecker

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Ankle Pain

Three years before I went for a private healing session with Dr. Kam Yuen, I had fallen down several stairs and I tore the ligaments in my left ankle. The orthopedic surgeon said that I would have been better off breaking my ankle because the healing would have been easier. During the first year after the fall, the healing progressed to the point where I had significant pain walking down stairs.

Statements from the doctor and friends who have experienced similar injuries confirmed that sometimes ligaments do not heal properly. This type of pain would be something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. So for the next two years, every time I walked down a flight of stairs, I accepted this pain as just something I was going to have to deal with.

When I received a notice that Dr. Kam Yuen would be in New York City, I made an appointment for a private session with him. Even after witnessing Dr. Yuen’s healing of my son of a lifelong allergy to dairy products, I was not anticipating a healing of my ankle. My pessimistic outlook resulted from the medical doctor’s opinion that my ligaments did not heal properly and I would have to manage the pain for the rest of my life. Once again, Dr. Yuen blessed our family with an immediate healing. At the session, he had me walk down the stairs a couple of times to test the healing.

From that day, I have been totally pain free from my injury. I remain grateful for Dr. Kam Yuen not only for the healings but also for the strength of character that he possesses. It has always been an honor to be in his presence whether it is at healings, lectures, or seminars. I am grateful to have met him. I wish him the best in all of his life’s endeavors.

-Sincerely, Barbara Lewinter

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I have systemic pain, a lot of anxiety and a nervous disorder. I have a dark cloak of not wanting to exist in life as troubling as it’s been for me for so many years. Since Dr. Yuen treated me, I don’t have that anymore. If depression does start to creep in, I just make a correction to eliminate it. I have almost no pain anymore. I was diagnosed with fibralmylagia in 1998 because they don’t know what else to call it. But it was chronic pain, horrible pain that was so excruciating that I couldn’t dress myself, or even get up off the couch or out of bed. I couldn’t sleep through the night. I took homeopathic medications for some time, but not long enough to notice any results. After Dr. Yuen worked on me I noticed immediate effects. The pain has almost completely gone. I still have some pain in the left shoulder and some headaches. I had terrible abdominal problems ever since puberty, which turned into lower back pain and then irritable bowel syndrome and on and on. Now those are gone. It’s a great recovery!.”

-Janet Riegsecker

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I have had asthma for 43 years. When I came to see Dr. Yuen, I was using an inhaler (bronchodilator) four to eight times a day. After one treatment, my inhaler usage was reduced to twice a day. That was six months ago, and it has held. I am delighted. In the process, I felt my energy body deepen and relax and felt my breathing do the same. I cannot recommend Dr. Yuen highly enough.

-David Langer Marketing Communications West Los Angeles

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Back Pain

I had suffered with lower back pain for 20 years. I grew accustomed to the pain, but was always aware it was there, especially if someone tried to touch me, even lightly, in that area. The chiropractor would tell me to get a massage before I came in, and the massage therapist would tell me to take a muscle relaxant or have the chiropractor work on me before coming in. If anyone actually pressed in a little on the area, I would scream in agony. I had sought out what I thought would be some of the best methods of alternative therapies to rid myself of the pain. Most did not work and one provided very, very temporary relief, but did not last more than a day. Dr. Yuen worked on me at the first seminar I attended of his, and the pain was gone in five minutes. It has not come back, I can press in on my back all day and feel no pain.”

-Judy Noble

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I also had a problem with my feet. Originally, I had a fractured left heel bone. I spent eight weeks in a soft cast, went for therapy at the foot doctor, and was told these kinds of things took time to heal. My original foot doctor could not do anything further for me, so I went to another foot doctor who worked with magnet therapy. He diagnosed me with heel spurs, ankle spurs (both feet) and “squished” metatarsals, said that I was born with these problems, and I would just have to learn to work around them. I did receive some relief, after months of treatment, which usually lasted for one or two days, but the pain was never all gone. Again, Dr. Yuen worked on my feet after my back and within five minutes, both feet felt better. I am once again walking, walking fast, going up and down stairs, and other things I could not do before because my feet were in so much pain.”

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In September, 2000, I took my first class with Dr. Kam Yuen. We were going to learn how to get rid of physical pain within minutes, or immediately. The class was large, but everyone had an opportunity for Dr. Yuen to work on their pain. It was finally my turn and I got up in front of the class. I briefly told Dr. Yuen where the pain was in my back and how both of my feet hurt. Without touching me or putting me through any further pain (mentally or physically), Dr. Yuen did some corrections on me and my pain was gone from both feet. A few more corrections, and the pains were gone from my back. I kept pressing in where the tenderness had been for so long, and it was gone. I was amazed. I immediately starting walking normal again and the pain from my feet was gone.” “This is the future. This is now.” “All this relief without being touched, manipulated, poked, prodded, taking medication, and no WAITING – UNHEARD OF!! “

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About two years ago, I had a fall and received multiple lower back injuries which forced me to discontinue work and seek medical assistance. A neurologist had several MRIs taken which disclosed three herniated and two bulging discs in the lumbar region of my back. This, along with associated torn ligaments made it difficult to tolerate physical therapy. The medical regime only allowed me to sit, stand and walk for not more than about twenty minutes at a time.” “At Dr. Yuen’s lectures/demonstration I was very impressed with the quick results obtained with people in the audience, but doubted if anyone could help me, after all, there was documented “medical evidence” that my injuries were “real”. (Perhaps the others were psychosomatic?)” “However, it took about 30 seconds of Dr. Yuen’s time to completely release and clear the worst pain in my lower back at the herniated area. And permanently so far! That is, there is no indication of pain and I have not taken one drug or pain pill since he worked on me! This is no less than miraculous.” “As well, I was delighted to find that Dr. Yuen teaches/understands psychological and spiritual principles in a way that is aligned to what I have found to be true and also believe in. Truth is universal!”

-Kathy, New York

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Dr. Yuen has accessed his own genius to combine it with traditional ancient knowledge, the results of this method of healing are far in advanced of anything I’ve ever encountered. I am (we all are) so grateful to Dr. Yuen and his wonderful staff.

-Kathy – New York

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Body Pains

A friend I saw in a bar was having foot pain. Before I got my beer, I treated him and he was fine. A five year old with the flu and a touch of pneumonia was about to be taken to the doctor. I worked on him for a few minutes and by the time they were ready to take him, he was so much better he didn’t need any medicine. My ex- wife was having heart pain following heart surgery and she asked me to work on her. I stopped the pain and she was able to stop taking the pain medication. She also had tremors real bad, I was able to reduce that about 50%, I’m still working on that.

-Tom Lottaburg, Prospect,IL

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Cancer Pain

In February 2000, my daughter was diagnosed with a particularly rapid spreading Cancer Pain, invasive carcinoma. Her doctors told her there were only about six doctors in the United States who were qualified to treat this form of Cancer Pain – and none of them were in the State of Washington where she lived. My daughter moved to Houston, Texas to try and get help through a hospital. For 2 ½ months she got the run around from the authorities that she needed approval from, and the hospital would not treat her unless they were guaranteed payment. This should have provided ample time for the Cancer Pain to spread as the original tumor had metastasized.

Dr. Yuen treated my daughter, using me as a surrogate in mid May 2000. He gave her two treatments of about ten minutes each . . . which was enough. The end of May, the doctor at the hospital began treatment on her. However, they did not feel she was in imminent danger and the tumors (one on the vaginal floor and one resting against the colon) appeared to be shrinking.

The lymph nodes, which had been compromised in the original diagnosis, appeared to be free of Cancer Pain cells after the second set of diagnostic tests. She was not admitted to the hospital, but the doctor did put her on a low dose of chemo, four to five days a week for only five weeks and insisted on radiation to completely dissolve the tumors, just in case, they said. This, too, was discontinued after five weeks.

There was no significant nausea and no hair loss and she was treated on an outpatient basis throughout. After the second treatment Dr. Yuen did for my daughter, he said there were no more live Cancer Pain cells. I had no doubt he was right. Unfortunately, my daughter cannot put her trust in alternative healing. She feels (as do millions of others) that there can’t be healing without pain. She was released five weeks after treatment began and told there were no more signs of Cancer Pain. This is unheard of for the type of Cancer Pain she was diagnosed with – one that is usually fatal within a short time as it spreads rapidly throughout the lymph system.

No matter what my daughter believes, I am eternally grateful to Dr. Yuen and will forever believe that he created the healing in my daughter’s case – not the hospital. They only did the clean up work in removing the debris.

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June 2000 was a huge crossroads in my life as I was diagnosed with breast Cancer Pain. I was very fortunate because the tumor was very tiny and surgery revealed no further Cancer Pain around the tumor site or in the lymph nodes. My angels were with me as always and I was given Dr. Yuen’s name. We spoke weekly while I went through radiation. I explained that I felt pressured by my family and doctors to proceed with the radiation even though I felt I had had a complete healing. He said quietly and reassuringly not to worry as he would protect me from the side effects and he kept his promise. When I felt exhausted, had irritation to the skin, felt overheated or in overwhelm, Dr. Yuen made the appropriate adjustments and brought me back into balance and harmony. I can never say thank you enough for getting me through a most trying time with fair ease!

-Barbara Klemme, Lemont, IL

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I have metestatic Cancer Pain and have received all the conventional modes of therapy, i.e. surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Although effective in prolonging my life, I was constantly tired, weak and easily fatigued. Ever since I have been under the care of Dr. Kam Yuen, I have renewed strength and vigor and a sense of well being that I have not felt in years. Even though I admit to having no real understanding of Energetic healing, I am now a believer and am extremely grateful for my positive outlook and improved quality of life which I directly attribute to Dr. Yuen.”

-M.K., MD, Studio City, CA

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Dear Dr. Yuen: I want to thank you sincerely, I had a Cone Biopsy done after my treatment with you, and my recovery was very fast. Dr. Manuel Penalver who did the surgery called me with the results of the Cone Biopsy, he said that there is no Cancer Pain that I ONLY had a Displasia. Bare in mind I had a Biopsy done with a result of: “carcinoma insitu with glandular extension” in the cervix and you treated me over the phone 2 times. I HAVE TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I DON’T HAVE Cancer Pain AND I WANT TO THANK YOU SINCERELY FOR THE GREAT RESULTS OF THE THERAPY. I WON’T NEED AN HISTEROCTOMY DONE. From my heart, THANKS


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Chest Cancer Pain

My husband’s sister’s mom has Cancer Pain, and she has been fighting it for quite a while and it had come back and I worked on her. I don’t see her very often because she’s out in Ottawa and I went to work with her because we spent Labor Day weekend with the family over there and she let me work on her two separate days and she has a oxygen tank that she wears. They watch her 24 hours a day. It’s a chest Cancer Pain, but it is spreading to her lungs. Since we left I found out that she hasn’t had to be monitored and she can go out on her own, and she needs less oxygen. Before this she could hardly get up out of bed. She had to be taken by the arm everywhere. Now she’s going grocery shopping whenever she can by herself.

-Marlys Bleu, Ontario Receptionist

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Deviated Septum

I don’t really know how to thank you a bazillion times, but here goes; on Sunday, day 2 of L-I, Kam corrected me for a deviated septum & demonstrated to the class how my face was off balance & the left side was weak. I’ve had it for at least 25 years if not all my life. That Sunday I was congested and didn’t think anything of it. Monday I was breathing clearer and thought my congested problem was clearing up. Tuesday I woke up feeling rested and great. Clear breathing through my nose and loving it. For some odd reason I went to the mirror to take a look. Dr. Yuen had not only corrected the deviated septum, my nose has shifted back into a straight line instead of being lop sided and puffed up on one side. For years Kaiser wouldn’t operate because of costs, thousands of dollars in sinus medications of the years & Kam corrects and shifts my septum all within 48 hours. You got yourself a new believer


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Wonderful news! The 10 year old girl with severe dyslexia had one hour session with me last Thursday. That combined with your corrections and additional corrections I did remotely have already made a huge improvement!
She actually read by herself ( a new development) her homework instructions, understood them ( totally new) and was able to do her homework in one hour as opposed to five hours previously.
She did her own writing in cursive, whereas before, the diagnostician told the mother that she would have to be the pencil for the child for the rest of her life.

I understand that this is just the result of corrections, but it still seems like miracles to me! We are all overjoyed, especially the child. She even asked her mom how I could get into her brain and fix it!

You and your method have totally changed the life of a beautiful, super high IQ child from despair in school to confidence,joy and success!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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After one treatment by Dr. Yuen I regained most of the vision in my right eye that had been lost to macular degeneration of the retina. I had it for about 9 months and the doctor told me there was nothing that could be done and to live with it. My 40-year-old son has had epileptic seizures since he was an infant. He has been heavily medicated and suffered many side effects of that. With Dr. Yuen’s treatments we have reduced the medication with no recurrence of seizures. He is more alert and responsive, with a more normal lifestyle. In using the technique myself, I had cured a woman of lifelong psoriasis who got no relief from medication. I removed a sore throat from a singer.

-Helen Ferguson, Certified Medical Assistant

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Ear Problems

When I was doing graduate work at the University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana in the late 60’s I developed a serious ear fluid buildup problem that made flying in an airplane and hearing in a crowded room a constant source of pain and concern for me. The medical treatment I received for this problem was exceedingly painful and unsuccessful. Medical professionals (ENT physicians) said there was no cure or relief for it by surgery or other means. I learned to live and suffer with it for over 25 years. Then I met Dr. Yuen. Just by chance I asked him if energetic healing could be of any benefit. He treated me and within five minutes had the problem completely corrected. The next day after the correction I flew on a six-hour flight back home from California to Chicago without even the smallest ear problem.

It was hard to believe that Dr. Yuen in a few short minutes, without the use of sophisticated and expensive medical equipment of any kind, was able to completely correct my complex, serious ear problem after so many highly skilled and equally dedicated medical professionals, using the latest equipment medical science had to offer, had completely failed. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for Dr. Yuen and his new age type energetic healing methods which he has personally developed and is so generously making available to everyone who wishes to learn them.

I now am convinced that energetic healing methods can be successfully learned and effectively used – even when the person needing healing is not able to be physically present. Energetic Healing is now truly “only a phone call away!” Thanks again to Dr. Yuen and his many able and willing practitioners.

-Robert Rom

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Fear of Dentists

One of my biggest obstacles I had to face began when I had to go to the dentist when I was very young. The haunting experience of getting my tooth pulled has mentally crippled me every time I thought about getting anything done to my teeth. It was a routine procedure that ignited into a lifelong struggle simply by the dentist breaking my tooth during my visit. The dentist; whom I believe was part caveman, had to dig out the broken tooth! Needless to say, we did not have the medical advances of today and the tools were very archaic back then, so it was very painful. After that, it was like “pulling teeth” to get me to go to the dentist.

I saw two others later on and I was not pleased with them. Finally, I found Thomas Mannino, DDS, of Farmington Hills. Unfortunately, by this time, I had not seen a dentist for several years and my teeth were badly neglected. I give my dentist a lot of credit, he is very caring, patient and creative, but in his chair I would just tremble and shake. I remember one incident while in the middle of a root canal; I had Dr. Mannino stop so I could call my aunt to come in to comfort me. I could not stop crying and shaking. Several weeks after that, I saw Dr. Yuen at the end of the Basic Seminar.

I pulled him aside and told him I was terrified of going to my dentist and he said, “Go to a different dentist!” Smiling, I said, “no, it took me too long to find one I was comfortable with.” Dr. Yuen did a correction for me in a matter of seconds. Now, when I go to the dentist, I feel an unusual sense of calmness and I feel like I’m in a lounge chair relaxing! I’ll sometimes point my toes together if I start to get scared and place my hand vertically at my midline or I’ll focus on my midline and/or visualize circles or an infinity symbol.

Miraculously, during my last visit, I was able to get a filling, a crown, and bonding without Novocain. I can’t believe I was doing this! Now, when I see the dentist, I have a virtually pain-free visit! Thanks a million Dr. Yuen.”

-Bertha (Miki) Powell

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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about some of my experiences connected with Dr. Yuen’s basic seminar in San Francisco in February, 2001. Prior to holding his seminars, Dr. Yuen offered a demonstration of his healing techniques focused on pain alleviation. I decided to attend due to an interest in energetic healing. People approached Dr. Yuen with a variety of complaints, and in each case he was able to effect significant improvement. People who had suffered for decades were suddenly pain free.

People regained the use of crippled body parts. A friend of mine left without the endometriosis pain she’d had for months. I was particularly impressed with Dr. Yuen’s ability to quickly identify the specific cause of ailments. After the first demonstration, I felt certain that I wanted to attend the upcoming seminar, but I could not figure out how I could afford it. For months I had struggled with financial difficulties. I had no reserves. I even had to borrow the bus fare to get to the demonstration. During the seminar, each student received a consultation with Dr. Yuen. During my turn, I asked him about a persistent problem with gingivitis. This was actually a test.

I figured that gingivitis, a degenerative gum condition would not resolve for any energetic technique. Dr. Yuen immediately informed me that I had no problem with my gums, and that the problem was instead, in my testicles. Within a few seconds, my gum pain vanished. It has not returned, even after eating sugar. And my gums have begun to grow back in areas where they had receded from my teeth. As a middle-aged person, I have become used to inexplicable aches and pains. Within a day of the seminar, I became able to eliminate these as they arose. This technique works. All who come into contact with it are benefited. That is a sure sign that investing effort in it is auspicious. Thanks.

-Dirk Hoekstra

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I have been going to a holistic healer in Chicago for about a year and a half. I was lactose intolerant and was taking allergy and sinus medicine three times a day. I couldn’t eat turkey or meat for 6 years. I couldn’t tolerate acid or dairy. It would tear my stomach apart. And a whole slew of other things. Through realigning my energy through Yuen Method I can now eat anything, I no longer need allergy and sinus medicine. Since September 2000, I have been using Yuen Method corrections on myself. I usually get sick over the holiday season from emotional related issues. This year by using Dr. Yuen’s technique I got through the holidays without being sick at all.

-Jonathan Dwoskin

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Hip Pain

I do a lot of flying, and after every trip I made an appointment to see my local chiropractor because of hip pain. I was selected to be worked on at Dr. Kam Yuen’s demonstration (New Life Health Expo, NYC, Oct. 2000), and I was hoping to be released from this pain. Dr. Yuen worked on me in the front of the room. Although I felt the pain in the right hip, he said it emanated from the left hip. Fine, I thought, I don’t care where it comes from as long as it goes. But then he said it had to do with UFOs and alien implants. I was shocked-this was not a part of my belief system. Dr. Yuen said that sitting for long periods of time on an airplane reminded me of the alien abduction, and he corrected it. I couldn’t believe this story and even told the audience that night that I didn’t buy the story-BUT I HAD TO ADMIT THAT THE PAIN WAS GONE! I have flown several times since that session and have been pain free. Although I don’t necessarily agree with his assessment of the origin of the pain, it doesn’t matter — the pain is still gone.

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I study Muay Thai, and in March of last year I injured a nerve in my left hip flexor from doing too much running and kicking. It did not hurt at first, but the next week my hip flexor started hurting worse and worse every time I trained. Soon, it got so bad that numbness shot down my leg. After a month, I decided to stop training in hope that it would get better. Over the next 4 months, it did not get any better.

I saw 7 doctors, received acupuncture 4 times, received physical therapy twice per week for over a month, had a cortisone shot, tried using, crutches, tried ice, tried heat, tried stretching, tried light exercise, tried swimming, tried not to walk too much, tried doing nothing, etc, etc. I even went around to several different martial arts schools and asked the instructors if they ever had anything like this. A couple of them did, and they both said that this sort of thing could take between a year or two to heal. Everyday I became more and more depressed. Muay Thai was (and still is) the most important thing in my life, and I lost it. I even lost 10 pounds from being so depressed all the time.

I make no exaggeration when I say those 4 or 5 months were the worst months of my life. I didn’t want to talk about it with friends anymore, because there was nothing they could do to make me feel better. Most of the doctors didn’t even know what to say. Things eventually got so bad, that I wanted to kill myself. Then, a miracle happened. In August, I went to a free seminar being held by Kam Yuen. My friends, Steve and Jason told me about him. Steve said that he had a similar injury for 9 months, and nothing else worked, besides what Dr. Yuen did for him. I went to the seminar, and Dr. Yuen did a demonstration on me in front of the audience.

At first, I was skeptical because the numbness was still in my leg. And I could not tell if the pain was cured, because it only triggered when I tried working out. The next day, I tried running and somehow, there was no pain anymore! The numbness was still there, but it was not affecting me at all. Later that day, I went back to my Muay Thai gym, and took class for the first time in months. I was kicking as hard as I could, and there was no pain anymore! After that, my injury never bothered me again. I later saw Yuen privately to take care of some other old injuries I had from martial arts. I also took my cousin, who was affected with hip bursitis for many years, to see him. He cured her instantly, and she no longer feels pain to this very day. Seeing him was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

Now, whenever I get injuries from Muay Thai, I recover a lot quicker than before. I even started competing recently and dream of going pro some day. And I know how to deal with pain better by thinking about what Dr. Yuen taught me. Without him, I would never have a chance of realizing my dream. I can never thank you enough, Dr. Yuen. You changed my life.

-Sincerely, Paul Rockey

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Hip Replacement

In 1986 I was diagnosed with double arthritis in both hips and told not to wait to get hip replacement. If I waited until I couldn’t walk, they told me it would be much more difficult. Through the years I did not take any medication, but instead controlled it with diet and natural medicine. As the years went on I got progressively less rotation and more pain in the joints. In 2000 I came to Dr. Yuen to hear him and decided to take a class. During an exercise in class where you stand over your hips and rotate, I went into immediate pain and started crying. After some corrections and within minutes the pain was gone and I could stand up straight over my hips, instead of leaning at an angle. Since then we have been working on getting rotation in the lower hip joint so I can put on shoes and socks. I still get pain from time to time and then I sit in bed and use the technique of Yuen Method on myself and it will release it. I am finally making real progress now in healing the arthritis instead of just trying to manage the pain and postpone hip surgery.

-Leslie Bringly, Geneva,IL

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Kidney Failure

Last June I had a nose hemorrhage due to high blood pressure and they took an ultrasound of my kidneys. I had my first class with Dr. Yuen and started working on my kidneys plus other health problems. Well, when I was in the hospital, they took another ultrasound of my kidneys and discovered that I had 100% flow, an increase of 90% since last year, when my kidneys were only functioning at 10%. The ultrasound of my heart was okay and the ultrasound of my carotid arteries showed that they were clear of any plaque build up.

-Carol Rohra

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Knee Pain

I had been in a car accident and was scheduled to have knee surgery on Saturday. Whenever the weather changed or I sat or walked too much my knee would hurt, sometimes even the weight of a bed sheet was too much. In fact. Some friends told me about Dr. Kam Yuen, so I went to see him the Wednesday before my surgery. In just minutes the pain was gone. It was then that I decided to cancel the surgery. It has been eight months since then and I have had no recurrence of pain. In fact my leg and knee feel stronger than ever. Since the class I have used the technique on myself, friends and family, for everything from headaches to back pain and psychological problems, such as, stress and anger management. I have recommend Dr. Yuen’s methods to several people and everyone has benefited. The technique was simple to learn and required little practice. I was amazed at the number of conditions that could be treated with this method.

-Fred Hernandez

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Dear Dr. Kam Yuen, I recently attended the evening presentation you offered at Unity of Tustin. I was a silent yet receptive member of the audience. I did not complete a questionnaire or request healing work. However, I was sitting very near the front of the room. About half way through the evening I became aware of a “soft” sensation in my left knee. I became aware that the constant and nagging pain I have had since I injured the knee a month or so ago was gone. I moved the knee all around attempting to cause discomfort, but, there was none. I had previously seen an orthopedist twice. He told me the meniscus is torn in that knee and needs surgery to repair. I had an MRI the morning immediately following the healing session at Unity. I am guessing that the MRI shows no tear and even if it does, I will not need surgery because I am pain free. My daughter is a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. She owns and operates a martial arts studio here in Tustin. My 15 year old granddaughter is a first degree black belt and teaches with her mother. I have seen the result of mastery in their lives. Clearly, your practice of Shaolin is a remarkable example of your gift and the art of healing energy. Thank you for the great gift of your healing presence.

-Best regards, Judy

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Liver Failure

Around 1995-1996, I saw Dr. Kam Yuen at a free demonstration. I was fascinated, and amazed at the possibilities in this method of healing. See I had already beaten the odds. I had been given only 15 months to live, June of 1991 and placed on the liver transplant list. I believe I beat those odds simply by becoming aware of my body and it’s natural needs. I had stopped the sudden attack on my liver. I knew there had to be more. I became a student of the natural healing arts, studying night and day with the best teachers of our times. I had a great understanding of health and how to cleanse and rebuild the body. But life is truly a gift.

Along came another great teacher that would teach me that, even the best of things need help. In today’s over polluted, over stressed, and under nourished world. Dr. Yuen taught me of an energy system that knows where to go, and what to do right now. So I took a few a classes and did some pretty impressive stuff. One being, a twenty-five year chronic pain in my mother’s foot. I worked for two-three minutes and five years later, the pain has never returned. She often comments on it still. But something happened, and I found myself doubting all that I had learned over the years. I became deathly ill, and they told me even a transplant would not help now. I really lost faith fast and the will to be well.

I felt empty and lost. I gave up and started taking morphine to numb myself. One day around noon, I realized, I could hardly see across the room. By dinner my kids looked like ghosts, and everything was turning dark. By around eight o’ clock, the kids looked like shadows and I could only see faint images of the lights where the lamps were shining. I became desperately scared, you see, I am an artist with the deepest passion for detail, and I realized I was going blind. Most likely do to liver failure.

A friend of mine suggested I call Dr.Yuen. I really doubted anything would help. Desperation overcame my fear and I called. Not only did Dr.Yuen make me feel good about calling him; he assured me it was the right thing to do. He listened to me for a few minutes, and then told me to sit back and relax. I sat back, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Heard nothing for about three-four minutes. He then asked me to open my eyes and simply said, “Now, how’s that?” I opened my eyes, and to my doubtful surprise, my eyes were fine, I mean absolutely normal in every sense of the word. I never imagined, I simply cried and said thank you. Not only could I see now, but also my whole body seemed stronger. I felt strong enough to continue my healing program. And today Cancer Pain free and doing fine.

I never ask him how he did what he did, and I know I will never be able to thank Dr. Yuen enough. I am just determined to learn his work well enough to teach everyone how to achieve ultimate health in his or her lives. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Yuen. Not only for what he did for my eyes, but more so for what he is teaching me. This work has improved every aspect of my life, and also those that come into my life. We are all better because of it. Thank you for all that you have done and all that we will do.

-Tim MacKinnon, Washington

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Low Body Temperature

I got a few minutes with Dr. Kam when he was at the Church of Today. I wasn’t sure what to make of this man or technique while sitting in the audience. He didn’t appear to be doing anything, yet people were getting better. I’m generally healthy, no complaints, just some annoyances. So, I sat there in the audience wondering what he could do to show me that this works. As I sat there shivering in my chair, I wondered if he could help me with that. It seems that I just can’t be warm, unless I’m outside and it’s about 90 degrees.

I wear sweaters in my office and have the space heater running all year long. This was a problem. Some days, my hands would be purple and my teeth were actually chattering. People all around complain about how hot it is, and I’m wishing I had a blanket. So, I got in line and waited. When I got up there, I told Dr. Kam that I’m always cold. He felt that it was a karma issue. That I had turned someone out into the cold in a past life. He told me that we’d start with my feet. I felt them start to tingle, instantly. I took my seat, and by the time the seminar was over, I was warm to my ankles.

I live about 10 minutes from the church, and I was warm to my knees by the time I got home. At bedtime, I was warm to my waist. When I woke up, I was sweating. I drove with the air conditioning on in the morning. I got in the office and was greeted with a blast of cold air, but was still able to get through the day wearing short sleeves. First time ever! It balanced from there. I felt like a normal person. It’s been almost a year now. I get cold from time to time in air conditioning, but I don’t find myself shivering the way I used to. I even gave my heater away.

-Linda Brown, Colliers International

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Macular Degeneration

After one treatment by Dr. Yuen I regained most of the vision in my right eye that had been lost to macular degeneration of the retina. I had it for about 9 months and the doctor told me there was nothing that could be done and to live with it. My 40-year-old son has had epileptic seizures since he was an infant. He has been heavily medicated and suffered many side effects of that. With Dr. Yuen’s treatments we have reduced the medication with no recurrence of seizures. He is more alert and responsive, with a more normal lifestyle. In using the technique myself, I had cured a woman of lifelong psoriasis who got no relief from medication. I removed a sore throat from a singer. On my first visit to see Dr. Yuen I couldn’t even stand up to go for the treatment because I had a migraine headache.

-Helen Fergusion, Certified Medical Assistant

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Menstrual Problems/ PMS

After the workshop I came back to work, and not unusually after having a healing session I started my menstrual cycle. The difference was I had no pain to let me know it was starting. I was in a REALLY grumpy mood, the kind when you can’t get out of your skin and wish you could. I told the ladies I work with, so that they would understand why I was being so quiet, and started to go about my morning chores. All of a sudden it came to me that I should try Dr. Yuen’s’ technique and see why I was so miserable.

I went through the questions to see if it was physical, emotional etc. It was of physical origin, so I asked by testing if it was my hormonal balance and got a yes. After testing to see what was imbalanced and I rechecked to make sure and it was indeed my progesterone level. I went to the correction point on my spine and made the correction. Within minutes I had a smirk on my face and this warm feeling of joy. It was so quick and such a profound mood change I actually stopped working and told the ladies what had happened. I couldn’t even believe it, and I was experiencing it!!! The bad mood never came back. To top it off, I did not have a cramp or emotional sensitivity for the rest of my cycle.

I have been on prescription pain relief for my menstrual cycle for years!! Though I no longer have needed prescriptions, I do not ever remember a cycle where I did not need Aleve or Anaprox to keep my cramps to a minimum. I NEVER needed a pill throughout my whole cycle. I am so thankful that I am taking these seminars! I have been working in the field of energy healing for 14 years. This is a profound technique. I have great respect for Dr. Yuen and his work, and look forward to continuing my studies with him.

-Kathy Skolem

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Mental Illness

Another one of our miracle patients was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was in his mid twenties when he was struck with this condition. The situation became overwhelming and his parents finally agreed to place him in the care of a hospital. This was of course on the insistence of their physician. After being in the hospital for only a short time, the parents began to notice that their son was not improving in the least but rather he was becoming worse. They brought this to the attention of their doctor but no reasonable explanation was ever given. The family felt that they were doing nothing more than drugging their son.

He was taken out of the hospital and brought home where he showed some improvement, but the problem was still there and it soon became apparent that they would not be able to care for him at home as intended. This scenario was to be repeated on a number of occasions with him being placed in the care of a hospital only to be taken back home as his condition deteriorated. The family contacted our office and set up a phone consultation of which they would repeat almost monthly for the next 7 months. The family even drove down to our office on 2 occasions. They live quite a distance away being about an 8-hour drive. Treatment continued with a very moderate amount of homeopathic remedies to support the corrections being made.

We received a phone call one morning from his mother. She wanted to let us know that her son was fine. He had snapped out of it so to speak and was himself again. I have myself since spoken with the young man. When I first met him he would not speak to anyone. He just sat in one place, stared and whispered to his mother. He now calls me on the phone when he needs to set an appointment. I still have trouble believing it’s the same person. I have never seen such a dramatic change in someone. It has been a little over one year since he came out of his illness. He is still doing fine.

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Dear Dr. Yuen,

I have you to thank for our having a very nice Christmas and it looks like a wonderful year ahead for us. You were such a big help with M. He is doing very well and has gotten back into his graphic design business. It took several months which he needed but now he is very healthy; physically and mentally. I just shutter to think where he would be if still under the care of a psychiatrist who all think one must remain on those debilitating drugs for the rest of your life. I feel blessed to know of you and your work and to have had my family benefit from it.

-Gratefully, D. H.

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Mood Swings

Dr. Yuen’s workshop, in which he introduced his Yuen Method technique, changed my life. I had come a long way on my own, before I heard about Dr. Yuen’s workshop. Before the workshop I could occasionally change my outlook/point of reference and stop an impending downswing in mood/energy, but not consistently, nor with certainty. Having dramatic mood swings has been a problem all of my life, and I’m now 56. Up to now my life has consisted of periods of accomplishment overtaken by durations of listlessness, where nothing mattered. Very frustrating because I am creative, have many interests, work, volunteer, and lead a very busy life.

For more than a decade I’ve been trying to make changes. Started out with nutrition and cleansing the body, with limited results, though my health improved. For the last (3) years plus, I’ve been fully engrossed in exploring spirituality. Writing a morning journal, meditating, reading spiritual literature and yoga all have helped. Still I’ve hit periods of being sick, respiratory problems, skin eruptions, etc., which I assumed were “cleaning house” of my body, as a result of changing my attitude from negative to positive. I knew about the connection of thought to physical. In fact, I had come a long way. But then I go to one of Dr Yuen’s free demos. I’m intrigued. It’s not physical pain I’m interested in curing, but instead to change a debilitating habit pattern that I have, of being very active to being totally listless.

I signed up for the workshop and learned the basics of correcting self-sabotaging behavior. What a revelation it has been! No judgment, no guilt, just corrections in the sub-conscious energy field and, beyond. It’s now been more than (6) weeks of applying the guidelines and I’m certain I can manage the mood swings. I never knew what it was like to be centered/balanced. Co-workers and friends have noticed the change in me. Now I know I have the power to accomplish my dreams, be a do -gooder and just smile now at what used to drive me crazy. What a gift it is. Dr. Yuen’s, Yuen Method can literally change the world. I’m delighted to help.

-Kat Wilson

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Motion Sickness

Dr. Yuen cured me of motion sickness. I know it’s not a life threatening illness, but it is life limiting and it had kept me from doing a lot of things I have wanted to do. Since Dr. Yuen worked on me I have been able to ride in the back seat of a car, around curves through the hills, in airplanes without any sickness.” Did he tell you what the root cause of it were? “Yes, it seemed that it was mainly due to past life karma.

-Joanne Keller, Business owner of Ballroom Dance Studio

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Multiple Sclerosis

Several weeks ago, I caught the very end of the show with Dr. Yuen and his Yuen Method. I had heard some of what they had to say, and I was lucky to have obtained the contact #’s for them. The next week I attended a lecture in Southfield, and signed up for and attended the forthcoming workshop for Basic Level Yuen Method training. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 23 yrs ago, and while it is a “mild” form of relapsing & remitting MS, it is still a dramatic life change. My walking at this time was quite disturbed – lack of balance, vertigo, leg drop, and inability to climb stairs. That was before I was brought up on the stage for a demo. I walked off no more than 15 min. later with none of the above symptoms. People remarked all weekend on the change and improvements. I am continuing to take the intermediate & advanced levels, so I can maintain this higher level of energetic living and so I can bring it to my family & loved ones, and anyone who wants me to “heal” them. It is no hoax, no mumbo jumbo, and no “faith healer” stuff. This is in anybody’s and everybody’s subconciousness. I can’t thank you enough for having Dr. Yuen on your show. He’s coming back in August, and I WILL be there.


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Dear Dr. Yuen While I feel that there are not enough words to properly express my appreciation toward you for all of your help, I hope this letter will be able to convey some of my feelings. When I first met you in April 2002, I had been carrying a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis for 32 years. In addition to that I was also being treated for chemical poisoning, Fibro Myalgia, and Chronic fatigue syndrome. A typical week for me consisted of two or three physical therapy and chiropractic appointments. I. V. Chelation, Glutathione and vitamin drips and colonics infused with ozone, and acupuncture. The week before my first meeting with you my condition was so severe the every M.S. symptom I had ever experienced had appeared at once.

I was unable to use my arms or legs and my vision had become so blurred I couldn’t see well enough to read or focus on anything other than my large screen television. My acupuncturist said I was too sick for her to treat me, and felt that I needed to go see my neurologist or the hospital. Since my history with conventional medicine had been very negative, I refused. Every time I tried it, I became worse and had reached the point that I would never do it again. My acupuncturist then told me she had a patient who had seen you the previous week with great results, and suggested that I go to your workshop. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for the class, but she insisted that I should do this. I went home and tried to read the information she gave me, but could not see well enough to do it, and I also did not feel I could afford the expense.

I only had one day to decide because you were leaving the area after that weekend, and based on a feeling and her input I registered for the class. By Sunday afternoon I felt better than I had in years, could see perfectly and stand without any problems. I have continued to take all three levels of training, and I am now able to do all the things I used to be able to do, such as enjoy 95- degree sunny days and not pass out. I should mention that I had usual Monday appointments with my Chiropractor and N. D. that I went to, and they were so impressed they have taken your training. I now save over $400 a month in non-covered medical expenses and supplements I don’t need anymore. One of the best things is the fact that I am now able to help so many other people as well.

The support network of people that I have met through this has been an unexpected, added benefit as well. Meeting you has been the most self-empowering, life-changing experience I have ever had, both physically and emotionally. Thanking you everyday would still not be enough to show my gratitude for giving me my life back. I would encourage anyone who has any type of life problems, no matter how large they seem, to learn this technique.

-Respectfully, D.

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Neck Pain

Three years ago I was in a car accident and got double whiplash. I had seen 4 chiropractors for the neck pain. Dr. Yuen worked on me for about 2 minutes and he took away the pain and it has never come back. One client of mine who had been robbed as a bank teller was so distressed she could not visit the bank without crying. After I did Yuen Method corrections on her she visited the bank on her own the next day and was fine and has been fine ever since.

-Deborah Vogle, Therapist

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Nancy Kelly Carter “I’m an administrative assistant at a bed and breakfast up north. I’m also a healing practitoner and a yoga instructor. I met Dr. Yuen Sept 7 at a television show; he worked on chronic pain in my neck from a 1992 car accident. I had sought all types of therapies, but it didn’t go away. The doctors encouraged me to take pain medication, but I chose not to. After he worked on my neck for two and a half minutes, the pain was gone and has not returned since. He also worked on my right elbow. When I was seven I broke and crushed all the major bones in my elbow. I’ve had limited motion of 15 to 20 degrees in that elbow ever since. He worked on my right arm twice for about three minutes each time, and now I have 60 degrees of motion in my arm and rotation in the elbow which I had not had at all before.

-Nancy Kelly Carter

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Poor Circulation and Numbness

At the end of the seminar, I made a private appointment to see Dr. Yuen on Thursday, October 26, 2000. For about three years, I have had a problem with poor circulation in my left leg, accompanied by a feeling of numbness, heat, and itching. I went for a series of acupuncture treatments, but the problem persisted. I also had a strong pain in my left heel for several months, so that every step I took was very painful, and I had to stop working out at the gym. Well, to my joy and delight, a few minutes after Dr. Yuen worked on me, the heat and throbbing in my left leg went away, as did the pain in my left heel (even though I didn’t tell him about the pain in my heel) and for the first time in several months I could walk freely without pain.

In addition to the physical problems I had, I also had other issues of fear, lack of confidence, limitation, etc. that were very troubling to me and were causing problems in my life and holding me back from doing the things I wanted to do. I can truly say that after Dr. Yuen treated (corrected) me, all those fears and limiting feelings have completely gone and I felt freer, happier, lighter and more confident than I have in years! It must be very noticeable to others, as well. So many people I meet tell me how well and happy I look! I have been interested in studying healing for a long time (not only to help myself, but other people and animals as well) and had received my certificat


I’m an acupuncturist/RN, so, if you want to quote me that would be fine. Since the classes, I have been using the protocol on each person I see in my practice, about 18 people/week. Mainly for intractable pain at first, but also for addictions, prosperity and relationship issues since then. Now I find the approach amazing for other challenges as well. Not always looking for immediate results, but rather shifting emotional directions, maybe. To allow for change. Some people are more receptive to the communication than others, to be sure, but using Dr. Yuen’s approach has definitely shifted my own perception and given me a great window through which to nourish my own destiny. It is an empowering experience, which stretches one’s belief system, an exercise like what physical dynamics do for the body. The practice of Yuen Method is an exercise of spiritual isometrics, that which sharpens responses to life! I cannot imagine my day without this tool as fuel. Thanks so much for such a gift, Dr Yuen. See you again soon.

-Dianne Smith Cubell

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Alternative Healer

September 25, the day after I took my first class I was at home with a friend and my sister. I was driving down the highway. My friend got an extreme pain in her right neck and shoulder area. I began testing with my left finger and driving with my right hand and doing corrections on my friend in the passenger seat. Just going by what I could remember from the day before, within ten minutes she said her pain was 90% gone. I do alternative healing and have begun to incorporate Yuen Method techniques in my office. I had a Chiropractor come to me in late November who had taken a long motorcycle trip to Alaska. Before he left he had fallen and injured his left buttock area. He had already had 6 other treatments from other chiropractors. I worked on him using Yuen Method for about 15 minutes and his pain was totally gone. And he is still pain free.”

-Janet, Springfield, IL

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I am an internationally ranked junior tennis player and I severely injured my shoulder practicing. Diagnosed as moderate tendonitis of the of the supraspinatus, I underwent five months of physical therapy three times a week that included ultrasound, electric stimulation, ice, weights, and an M.R.I. I also went to the most prestigious doctors in the Los Angeles area including the Lakers’ and Clippers’ orthopedic physicians. Nothing could be done to relieve the pain that I endured over a year’s time.” “It was time to try something different. This brings me to why I am writing this letter. Through a friend I heard about Yuen Method. Now, before I go further, I can assure you that I was the most skeptical person to have ever entered ShaolinWest International. In fact, I resisted his treatments in every possible way. A strong non-believer in alternative medicine, I refused to make an appointment. My mother forced me into Dr. Yuen’s office reminding me that nothing had worked and I might as well give it a chance.” “A chance is all I gave it as I complained and shot dirty looks at my mother for wasting my time by bringing me here. But, despite all of my resistance and skepticism, I was completely cured after one visit. During the visit I explained to Dr. Yuen that my shoulder has kept me from tennis for months and he proceeded to move his hands around without even touching me. It was at this time he assured me my shoulder pains were a thing of the past.” “Now, any logical person would have laughed at this ridiculous treatment, but Dr. Yuen pressed on and assured me he could heal any of my ailments instantly. To make a year’s long story short, he has cured me of my shoulder pains, a flu over the phone (when I was in Florida), a sprained ankle that normally takes weeks to heal, raging tendonitis in my elbow, shin splints, cramps, pulled muscles, and various other injuries and illnesses a tennis player who plays three hours a day would have. I cannot explain how it works or why it works, only that it works.”

-Zak Fleishman

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Automotive Designer

After one treatment Dr. Yuen cleared up the carpal tunnel in my right wrist. Now I can use the finger next to my thumb. I developed a heel spur and he cleared that up. A friend’s granddaughter is 10, has diabetes and she got a retinal problem that usually only happens with adults. A second specialist told her it would go away in 3 to 6 months. I sat at my desk at work and did some remote healing for her. Within a week her doctors were surprised that it healed and cleared as much as it did.”

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Biofeedback Therapist

Hi! When I went to the demo of Dr. Yuen’s work, I bought the basic book and the reverse aging book. While waiting for the demo to start, I was reading bits of the basic book and noticed the similarity of what I was reading with a computer program called the QXCI. (Quantum Xrroid Conscious Interface) system. I use this program to provide biofeedback. The concern for the miasma and spiritual oppression is also addressed in the QX. This was very exciting for me to think I could send the heeling energies and skip the computer interface! I then knew I had to take the classes. After the first class, I stopped a headache for a co-worker in less than a minute. With another friend, Sherry, we worked on the positive affirmation of worthiness. When we got to the trauma 7, chopped off, it turned out not to be a past life happening, but she lost 2 toes, part of her heel and part of her shin when she was five years old. She noticed the clearing resolved her challenge of speaking in front of others. Now, she has told me she feels so wonderful she is going to start taking the classes and work with pets! This class has changed the way I work with clients and I look forward to the next class to continue learning this wonderful gift!”

Kind Regards,
Dee Iurcovich

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Chi Gong Therapist

I was hit head-on by a semi-truck while riding a bike when I was 21. I lived with chronic crippling pain for 17 years. After 15 months of Chi Gong and sitting meditation I was able to eliminate all my pain. During the next 6 years I traveled the country to meet Chi Gong teachers. I met Dr. Yuen in April 96 in Canoga Park, CA. In the first four sessions I recognized this was an incredible technique to change the body instantly. I worked on one woman with multiple sclerosis that had lost the use of her left leg, left arm and lost sight in her left eye. When she saw me she was in the process of losing sight in her right eye as well. I gave her three treatments. I was able to recognize the multiple sclerosis was due to a yeast condition at the atomic level that was eating the myelin sheath. Using Yuen Method techniques I made corrections to remove yeast from the nerves and to restore the nerves and the woman regained her sight, and the use of the left arm and left leg completely. That was three years ago and she’s still fine. I have studied with about 25 other Chinese Chi Gong teachers and healers to learn from them techniques to recognize stagnant energy and to remove that energy. In general the main difference with Dr. Yuen and the others is that Dr. Yuen’s technique offers a freedom to be specific into the minutest areas with complete confidence. Most Chi treatments I have learned are Chi transmissions where energy is pumped into the person and hope that they can process it to remove all their problems. Whereas with Yuen Method, if you have the time and the expertise you can sit and quantify every part of the physiology and the emotional and psychological well-being of the person to make every little correction to unify every aspect of the person to cooperate to go back to a state of health. It is like laser surgery. My father has asbestosis pneumonia that led to congestive heart failure. This has been a long term, 20-year condition. The little fibers hook into the lung and there is no way to remove it. The doctors told us to say goodbye to him and he was given last rites in December of 1996. In practicing Yuen Method Techniques on my father I didn’t try to remove the asbestos. I instead worked on changing it into a useful mineral that he could absorb. His condition got better right away. Now he’s out and about with his friends driving and traveling. His movement is somewhat limited, but he’s making medical history and his doctors have no idea what’s keeping him alive.”


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My name is Dr. Eric Dimalanta, and I’ve been in practice as a chiropractic physician and as an acupuncturist for 9 years in the Chicago area. After taking the basic seminar, I was stunned by the speed at which I could achieve greater results with my patients without having to resort to acupuncture or manipulative techniques. Dr. Yuen’s method gets right to the core issue of any pain, injury or disease and in doing so, the body is able to receive a specific correction and heal instantly. Sounds so simple, yet that’s the beauty of the Yuen Method Technique. The advanced seminar took the results and the time to achieve them to an even higher level. I have studied and used several other techniques ranging from Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), Jaffe-Mellor Technique and I have to attest that Kam Yuen has come up with the quickest and most COMPLETE healing technique that I have experienced. The other methods do get results, but if you’re searching for the ONE technique that encompasses all aspects of healing, look no further, this is the one that does it.”

-Eric Dimalanta

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Cranial Sacral Therapist

A man training for an upcoming marathon run had developed problems in his calf muscle. He had seen a chiropractor without much success. After we finished his pain was gone and he could continue training for the marathon. A week before the marathon he came in and said he had trained for this marathon 4 other times, but had never been able to compete because something had always gone wrong and he was worried that this time would be no different. We worked through the core issue, and he was able to compete in the marathon and complete it. He’s so excited he wants to take the class.”

-Martha Smith, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Reiki, Hypnotherapy

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In my 28 years of testing and using different alternative techniques and modalities, Dr. Yuen’s method may be the most significant advance in energy therapies since kinesiological testing was first discovered in the late 1960’s. I have used Dr. Yuen’s method of energy balancing on well over a hundred patients, friends and family and have had a minimum of 93% of my “test group” report significant or complete relief of the symptoms or blocks being treated. Most of these subjects were done in 5-10 minute sessions, sometimes during a dental appointment period with no attempt at being thorough. I continue to be astonished by its practicality, efficacy and the ease in which I can use it to help my patients with a wide variety of problems. I have been able to help my wife and son in ways I could never do before. They, having been among my strongest critics, now ask me to help them with various issues using Dr. Yuen’s system. That is no small matter for me personally; as it is the first time I could say that. I enthusiastically recommend any open minded professional or non-professional to learn this treatment system.”

-Ray Hatland

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Energy Healer

I am writing to tell you about the experience I had with Yuen Method and Dr. Yuen at a recent seminar in San Francisco. I have been practicing energy healing for 20 years and teaching for 15 years. I have been blessed to study with and receive sessions from some of the best-known healers and teachers. I have seen many conditions change with energy healing sometimes in ways that have seemed impossible. But even with the experiences I have had, Dr. Yuen amazed me. Normally I would attend a seminar like this in order to learn something that would help me to assist my clients, but recently I have developed some health problems myself. Among other things I began to have tingling and burning sensations in my mouth and tongue, and pressure and burning in my nose, face and head. I also began to have a great deal of difficulty swallowing. My entire digestive system was thrown out of balance. I had stomach upset, belching, gas and diarrhea. My liver area felt swollen and the ribcage on the right side was higher than the left. When I went to the doctor, of course, they did not know what was the cause, and to diagnose me they wanted to have me go through test after test. I had been on a Sabbatical last year and lived off my savings. I do not have retirement or own a house etc. so the prospect of paying for all these tests PLUS whatever treatment I might need was devastating. Between my symptoms being frightening and my fears about not being able to pay my bills, or even afford treatment, I went into terror. I have never quite experienced that much fear. The fact that I could barely swallow added greatly to the fear. I was not able to sleep more that 2-3 hours a night. Although I could keep it in check with my meditation and energy skills, the fear kept coming back. This is the state I was in when a friend told me about Dr. Yuen. I was not able to go to the demo, so had no direct experience of him or his work. I also could not afford to take the seminar. But somehow I got clear that I needed to go, and with the encouragement of one of Dr. Yuen’s staff, I signed up at the last minute. During the course of the seminar I had a 10 minutes with Dr. Yuen. During the treatment I felt a great deal of energy moving in my body. Every time he did a correction, I could feel it. Besides paying attention to my neck, face and throat, Dr. Yuen said he was adjusting my cranial sutures, and that he was clearing a hemorrhoid and some polyps in my rectum. I also asked him to help me with my fear. Afterward I actually felt a bit weak and nauseous, and felt an enormous amount of heat in my solar plexus area. After those sensations dissipated (over the next hour) I realized that my neck felt better, I could swallow easier, and that my fear was completely gone! I slept better that night. When I woke up the next morning I realized how much had really happened in that 10 minutes because I use energetic self help techniques on myself daily, I am very familiar with how various areas in my body usually feel. The first place I touched was my head. My skull had been a bit asymmetrical, with a slight indentation at the top and a bit flattened in back. When I touched the top of my head, the indentation was gone and the right and left side felt exactly the same!! I put both hands on my head and when I felt my entire skull the back was no longer flattish. In fact, I now have a perfectly proportioned and nicely rounded skull. I was so amazed; I started to laugh out loud. But that’s not all. As I continued to hold points I realized that my ribcage was no longer elevated on the right, my liver felt better, and my abdomen felt softer and less tender and bloated than usual. When I went to take my shower and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I realized that I looked like I had lost weight. I was amazed to find when I stepped on the scale that I was 9 pounds lighter!! I also discovered that my hemorrhoid was completely gone. The only other time I had experienced anything like this amount of change was when I had received nine 1hour sessions in 5 days. And here I had cranial adjustment, hemorrhoid gone, liver and ribcage swelling relieved, some relief of throat pressure, a 9 lb weight loss, easing of my fear, and much better sleep!!! Needless to say, I want to continue to receive Yuen Method treatments from Dr. Yuen, and also intend to continue taking his classes! Thank you so much to Dr. Yuen and the rest of the staff for this wonderful experience.

-Joanna Chieppa

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Hotel Chain Manager

I took the course in October. Mostly I use the technique at work. I am a manager for a chain of hotels, and I oversee about 60 hotel housekeeping staff, mostly women. They work with a lot of stress. They get many headaches, and have a lot of leg and arm pain. They come to see me for permission to go home if they are feeling sick or in pain. So what I do now is ask them to come to my office and then I ask them if it is okay for me to work on them first. Most of them say okay, try it. So I work on them a few minutes cure their headache or pain, and then they are able to go back and have a productive day. The other day one of the women came in with an ankle problem and she wanted to go get it treated. I said, “Can I give it a try?” She asked what she was to do. I told her just to sit in the chair on the other side of my desk. I just worked on her in silence for a moment. Then she started moving her ankle around and said, “I can work, what did you do? ” I said, “Nothing much, but I’ll check on you later to see how you are doing”. When I went to see her a few hours later on her floor she was doing fine and still very amazed. One of my supervisors couldn’t walk well, because from her waist down her legs were hurting very badly. I worked on her about five minutes, and all her pain was gone. She couldn’t believe it.”

-Reno Gonzalez, Chicago, IL

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After using Dr. Yuen’s techniques successfully on myself, I wanted to begin experimenting on my patients but was unsure of how to present this new technique to them. After all, they were coming to me for hypnosis to uncover deeply buried traumas or to reprogram unwanted behaviors. Accomplishing these goals in 5 minutes, with a few flicks of my wrist, might make them wonder if a “voodoo practitioner” had hypnotized me. I was so hesitant that I began by doing 5-minute corrections on the patients’ problems after they had physically left the office. I was curious to see how Dr. Yuen’s method would impact their lives. Most patients returned commenting on how successful the last session had been. With this kind of feedback, I felt confident in introducing the technique while patients were in the trance state. Across the board I find Yuen Method reaches the seed experience and core issues far faster than hypnosis. In some cases I am seeing dramatic improvements with clients I had been working on for months. My patients are excited with this new technique and some suggest I bypass the hypnosis entirely and just concentrate on the energy work. Best of all, they are referring their family and friends!”

-Zak Fleishman

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Massage Therapist

When I turned 40 I decided I wanted to quit being part of a problem, tending bar for 20 odd years, and become part of the solution. I was into Reiki and changed my whole orientation by becoming a massage therapist. I took the classes and I have a clientele. As a result I have developed problems in my hands and feet, from carrying the heavy massage table around. After taking the basic Yuen Method class I was able to take away the physical aches and pains from massage and waitressing. It works instantly and now I’m virtually pain free. That makes me very happy because it means I can continue on the path of being a healer.”

-Denise Squires, Massage Therapist/Waitress

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Masters in Education

This is a rather odd story for me to write. I have a friend by the name of Fred Abbe. He attended the basic workshop of Dr. Yuen’s a month or so ago. His excitement was pretty obvious. I’m a product of science with a Master’s Degree in Education and a complete doubter of astrology, etc. However, I have had a pretty bad pain in my right hip where I fell last January. Three doctors described the pain as bursitis, an injury to the bursa, which could not be cured. I would just have to live with it. Fred and I looked up bursa in a medical book. He then tested me for strength, etc., and then he had me sit down facing away from him. He had explained what he was going to do and I said, “Yeah, right!” Knowing he could do nothing. After several minutes he asked me how my pain was and I stood up trying to find the pain. It had been about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 and right then it was about a 2. The first time in 9 months that I had not been really hurting in my hip. Fred worked a little more and soon the pain was almost unnoticeable. AND TO THIS DAY I DO NOT HURT THERE, unless I really push on the area. I was dumbfounded. And still am! Then he asked if I hurt any other place. Well, I have a lot of arthritis in my right thumb and the heel of that hand. The exact point was right on the bone in the heel of the hand. It always hurt and if I bumped into something–yikes! He concentrated on that area and again I have no pain there. Other places in the thumb hurt, but that bony knob does not. Big improvement. I just don’t understand what happened, but I’ll take it. And I will be part of the Seattle meeting in March.”

-Doris Bowman

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I attended Dr. Yuen’s Basic Workshop in Scottsdale, Nov. 2000 and immediately began using the technique at home. My first experience occurred the day after the seminar. My daughter called to say that her 10-month-old baby was crying and crying. I told her I would do some work on the baby. I used myself as a surrogate and began checking physical pain, then connections to it, correcting as I went along. Ten minutes later I called my daughter again and discovered the baby was now peacefully sleeping. My daughter called later that evening saying her older child was having a temper tantrum. Again, I did remote work on her-beginning this time with emotional and finding contributing causes, clearing each. Ten minutes later, my daughter informed me that her child was calmly playing.”

-Denise Squires, Marry Hershey Beck, MA M.ED, LPCC, CPC.
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I have metastatic Cancer Pain and have received all the conventional modes of therapy, i.e. surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Although effective in prolonging my life, I was constantly tired, weak and easily fatigued. Ever since I have been under the care of Dr. Kam Yuen, I have renewed strength and vigor and a sense of well being that I have not felt in years. Even though I admit to having no real understanding of Energetic healing, I am now a believer and am extremely grateful for my positive outlook and improved quality of life which I directly attribute to Dr. Yuen.”

-M.K., Studio City, CA

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NASA Engineer

After my first workshop here in Chicago back in September I was back on the plane to Florida. It was a full flight and the last seat available was next to me. An elderly black woman finally came down the aisle with a cane. She was angry and upset about being late and holding up the plane. When I saw her I immediately started working on her to calm her and settle her down. I was thinking primarily of myself. I had such a great weekend, and I didn’t want to spoil it with negativity. I cleared stress, anger and hostility, and I thought, “okay, now she can sit next to me”. Within five minutes, she was visibly more at ease. Then she said, “Sitting next to you I feel so much more relaxed,” and she patted my leg. She sits next to me and tells me her whole life story in about ten minutes. She lives in Chicago and had been a nurse for many years. She received a Ph.D. in nursing in 1954. I could tell that the right side of her body was paralyzed. It turns out she had a stroke seven years ago. She was telling me what a productive and fulfilling life she had previous to the stroke. She said her life was still wonderful, but that she was certain that she would one day regain her movement and sensation and return to the productive life she led before. She said, “You know I will write again with this hand of mine”. I looked at her and said, “Yes you will”. She looked at me and asked, “What do you do?” I am a software engineer at the NASA space center in Florida, but I spoke from my heart and I looked at her and said, “I am a healer”. She said, “Praise Jesus!” She had told her daughter just before coming to Chicago that God was going to send her a miracle. “I can’t believe you are sitting next to me! ” she said. I asked her more details about her illness. Then I tested her just to get the strength of resistance for the healing work. During the flight I worked on her. Her fist was very clenched. The muscle tension from the paralysis was too intense, that she could not move her fingers without pulling them out forcefully with the other hand. It had been this way since the initial stroke seven years ago. As I continued, her thumb became mobile. She was so amazed, she kept saying, “Look at my thumb, look at my thumb,” while she moved it all around. Then we got a little motion in the right index finger. At this point her whole right hand was halfway unclenched. The middle finger I worked and worked on, but could not get any more motion in it. We exchanged phone numbers and said we’d keep in touch. A week went by and I got a call at home from her sister where she was staying in Florida. We set up a time when she could see me in a few days. Her hand was still doing well, but the rest of the right side of her body was still without sensation or voluntary movement. She had no feeling at all in her right leg or arm. After I worked on her for a while, she was able to move her arm around some and lift it up. This was a major thing for her. She turned to her sister and said, “Praise Jesus, look at this, I can move my arm!” Then I began working on her right leg and toes. She surprised me when she let out a scream of excruciating pain. She said “It hurts very badly, make it go away”. I was very concerned about the pain she was in and quickly worked on eliminating it. I was able to get rid of the pain. But at the same time, I knew this was a breakthrough in her regaining sensation in her leg. I asked her if she had any sensation or pain in her leg since her stroke. She said “No,” and a look of dawning understanding came across her face. This was the first time she had felt anything in her leg in seven years. “Praise Jesus the pain wasn’t there before, I can feel my foot” and she began to bounce her foot up and down. I got up to move around behind her and accidentally bumped her right leg. She automatically said, “Oh excuse me,” and moved her leg out of the way. I said, “Francis, did you feel that?” She said, “Yes, I felt that, praise Jesus!” I’m going to meet again with her soon. She said she still has feeling in her leg and foot and mobility in her arm. She is in the process of rebuilding the atrophy in her muscles, but she is making great progress and is ecstatic about the whole thing.”

-Rosa Maria Mashada-Wilson

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While getting ready for Thanksgiving, my mother lifted a heavy box and fell. She had hurt her lower back and abdomen. I had her sit down and started to work on her back. Little by little her back got better. Then the remaining pain moved from place to place. I had her put her hand wherever it moved. I could tell the pain was moving down into the muscle tissue but not into the organs. It was one of those cases where I felt I had x-ray vision. It had moved to five or six places, then after about 10 minutes the pain was gone. She got up and walked from one end of the room to the other and declared herself pain free. She just kept saying, ” I don’t understand this.” My aunt had severe knee problems. I worked on her and the pain went away. Another aunt had recently got dentures that have given her a strong gagging response that makes it very difficult to swallow. I worked with her for a while and the gagging problem went away. Even though they all said they didn’t understand how it worked, the amazing thing is that you don’t have to understand it for it to work. I do this work with young kids who have been in gangs. The most amazing thing is to watch the change in their attitudes. I have a cousin who is a social worker for family services in Philadelphia. She asked me to come in and talk to some kids. I thought they were really young kids say from 6-10 years old or so. I should have asked her first. As it turned out they were young teens 14 to 17. Tough enough to eat nails for breakfast-homemade glass eyes, you know. They were rough. It was a charter school; they were too much for the regular school. She asked me what I was going to teach them, I said, “I haven’t a clue”. There were 15 of them in a room, and they were very disruptive. I figured I should win over the biggest one. He was huge, six feet five inches and just fifteen years old. I’m five foot seven. Almost a foot taller than me. I had him come up in front and the first thing he did was whisper to me “If you embarrass me I’m going to hurt you”. I started with some simple martial arts techniques involving pushing. It is non-violent, and shows with a little technique you can move energy. But for him it was too soft. His whole approach was the harder the better. So he wasn’t getting it. So without telling him I got behind him and started doing the Yuen Method technique for relaxation and dropping defenses. He was standing there wondering what was going on, so I knew I didn’t have much time. After about a minute of corrections, we went back to the same exact exercises, and this time he was really getting into it. The exercise got pretty animated. His whole expression and demeanor changed. At that point everyone in the audience was ready and wanted to do it. I did the Yuen Method technique on everyone in class while they were paired up doing the push-hands technique on each other. Now I am developing a program to do this with young kids. Last week I was asked to go to Africa for two months to do this program. I use Yuen Method to increase kids learning aptitude and their attention. Until you have their attention you can’t teach them anything.”

“I am a naturopath. A client I was working with in North Carolina was involved in a procedure called live-cell analysis. You can visually see on a slide what the live cells of someone’s body are doing. I decided to experiment with the cells using Yuen Method on them while they were being observed. What you could see under the microscope was that the white blood cells started coming together like soldiers in an army. They clumped together and attacked the bacteria in the slide. I did corrections to increase the fortifications and immune response.”

-A. Scott

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My friend George took me to pick up my car from the mechanic working on his truck. He used a cane to get around because of the arthritis in his legs. Also, many years ago the top section of a telephone pole had landed on his shoulder causing serious damage to his skeletal structure. Whatever he did, he did it carefully, gingerly. While we were waiting for my car, I offered to work on his pain. He agreed and I began to go through the flowcharts. Every so often, I would ask if there was any improvement. He would report that it was either somewhat better or the pain had moved to another spot. Often he would say it was much better, and then we would move on to another area, the back, hips or the shoulder. Finally, he smiled and said he felt much better. I thanked him for the ride and he thanked me for the healing. George had led an interesting life being an original hippy you could say. He had known Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert from the early days of experiencing expansion of consciousness. We laughed and said it was just like the old days when you would pass a joint, only now things have evolved and we pass kindness.”

-Fred Abbe

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This occurred at a nursing home I volunteer at. After I had taken the basic course in September, the following Monday I was with a woman around 85 years old who had suffered a stroke and had swollen legs and arms. Her hands were particularly swollen and her face was puffy too. It was thought that she had renal failure. Now she was on hospice care. I worked on clearing her lymphatic system, her gall bladder and urinary tract. I did some corrections in her legs as well. I saw her again in three days and she showed some improvement. I did more work on her especially involving her nerves, brain and spinal cord because she had a brain lesion. Later that day she got out of bed for the first time in four days. The swelling was all gone after eight days. Then she was close to normal. She’s still in a wheelchair now, because something has affected her lymphatic system, but she’s laughing and playing games. She still doesn’t have movement in her right arm, so I’ll start some work on that soon. She didn’t even know I was working on her. All her family members have noticed the dramatic change in her. They were wondering how she got out of bed. Her son was sure that she was going to be gone in a week or two at best.

-Bernard Faustus, Chicago, IL

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My husband’s (sister/mom, inaudible) has Cancer Pain, and she has been fighting it for quite a while and it had come back and I worked on her. I don’t see her very often because she’s out in Ottawa and I went to work with her because we spent Labor Day weekend with the family over there and she let me work on her two separate days and she has a oxygen tank that she wears. They watch her 24 hours a day. It’s a chest Cancer Pain, but it is spreading to her lungs. Since we left I found out that she hasn’t had to be monitored and she can go out on her own, and she needs less oxygen. Before this she could hardly get up out of bed. She had to be taken by the arm everywhere. Now she’s going grocery shopping whenever she can by herself.

-Marlys Bleu, Receptionist, Ontario, Canada

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My yoga teacher and I have worked with a woman around 45 to 50 years old who has had her lymph glands removed, and has received chemotherapy for breast Cancer Pain, and on top of that she has multiple sclerosis. She is functioning and goes to work every day. When I first met her she was in such pain it was like walking on glass for her. Using Yuen Method on her the first time I relieved a spasm in her neck. The next time I treated her for insomnia, and that went away. The third time I treated her for depression. She said she felt it intensify for a moment and then it lifted off entirely. She’s become very excited about the benefits of this technique now and she’s telling all her friends and family. I worked on my sister-in-law at a children’s birthday party at a Chucky Cheese. It was very loud and chaotic atmosphere, and she had a neck spasm. I worked on her then and there, and it went away right away. She was a real skeptic beforehand, but afterward she said she’s a believer. My wife had burned her hand, and we were ready to go to bed and she couldn’t go to sleep with the pain. She asked me to work on it, and I did for five or ten minutes. She was able to get to sleep, and the next morning we couldn’t even find the place where the burn had been. It was totally gone.

-Jim La Tabok, Evanston, IL

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I’m using this technique everyday with at least 75% of my patients. The results are incredible. I had one client in his late twenties, who had been coming for some time to no avail. He was irritable, unmotivated, tired most of the time and extremely resistant to opening up. We were making no progress, yet he kept coming. Ten minutes of using Yuen Energetics, and this pattern was immediately broken. After seeing him for all these months, it was just as if a light bulb had turned on in his head. His transformation was remarkable. I also find Yuen Method to be most helpful when working with couples. Before the session begins, I work on each of them so they are ready, willing and able to make changes and to communicate at the highest level. Once they are congruent with these functions, their relationship deepens and opens to intimacy and compromise as the session progresses. While Yuen Energetics, probably the best tool I have as a therapist, I have found that I can also use it to eliminate physical pain. One day a close colleague came to my office. Her back had gone out after lifting something heavy. She could barely walk and immediately lay down on the floor. She explained that she had a bulging disk which showed up on x-rays and that it had acted up from time to time, but never causing her the level of pain she was now experiencing. Since her office was close by, and we lived in the same neighborhood, she was in need of a ride home. Since she was already in a prone position, I decided I had nothing to loose in trying the Yuen Method Technique, although this would be my first attempt at pain elimination. I worked on her for 40 minutes and was dumbfounded that she was now pain free. She was equally surprised and began bending and jumping to see if the pain would recur. It didn’t and hasn’t to this day.”


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Reiki Master

Dear Dr. Yuen,
I attended your basic level Workshop on Yuen Method a couple of months ago and I am writing to share with you some of the fantastic results my clients and I have experienced already! You may remember that I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master and have been practicing energy healing techniques for a few years. However, I am thrilled to be able to tell you that I have never before been able to help my clients eliminate their chronic pain as quickly and as effortlessly as I have been able to do since attending your seminar! I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Yuen, for teaching me how to perform Yuen Method. My words just cannot express the appreciation I feel in my heart and soul for giving me this miraculous tool! When I consider all the pain and suffering on all the levels that can be eliminated so quickly and so effortlessly (especially on the part of the client), or when I see the look on someone’s face when they experience being pain free after living with their pain for so long, I lift up my heart the heavens and I thank God! I thank God that He /She/It has placed me in this place and has placed you on my Path! I look forward to the next workshop where you will be teaching me even more about Yuen Method. Blessings To You! In Love and Peace.

-Linda A. Fisher, HHP

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“I have an 8 year old granddaughter who has had repeated health problems and has been taken to the emergency room a number of times. The last time in September, she was ill with a fever and a tummy ache, the father was away and the mother was very worried. I did some corrections using Yuen Energetics, and by the time she was off the phone with the father, the fever was gone and the pain was gone from her stomach. She was hungry and ready to eat. The next day she went to school. My aunt in California was having some pain in her neck. I did some work on her while she was on the phone and her pain left almost immediately.

-Christine Shull, Stevesville, MT

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Dear Dr. Yuen,
While working on my own well being after retirement, I read in one of Dr. Chopra’s books about a Chinese doctor who healed patients by turning their energy switches on or off with a wave of his hands. Well I needed to know how to do this. It sounded like a dream. The name of this doctor was not in the book or even referenced anywhere. The miracles began when I made a call regarding a workshop for Healers, advertised in the Phenomenon News. I could hardly believe it. The very same Chinese doctor I had read about was teaching this course. Of course, I had to take this course. Retirement income for me is not generous, but the budget had to include this course. There is no price on well being. So my whole life has changed for the greater good of myself and all of those I touch. You want to know how? Well, the changes are beyond space and the quantum particles. But, I’ll tell you about a couple of things that are visible to all. My second healing by Dr. Kam Yuen in the workshop was the restoring of eyesight in my right eye. This loss of sight was due to a blockage in one of the blood vessels of the retina. I was told there was no cure or help known for this. Learn to live with that gray cloud and be thankful it is only part of your-sight. Before Dr. Yuen’s treatment one quarter of my vision was covered with this gray cloud. Now I have only a thin gray line. A daily reminder of his miracle work. I have also noted the regeneration of my body, from my first workshop treatment. All who see me are amazed at how much younger I look! It is notable. While practicing this wonderful “Yuen Method Technique” on myself I’ve noted great results with my daughter. She called about breaking a toe. What can she do she wanted to keep training for her marathon run. We did an over the phone treatment. Well, the pain was gone, swelling gone and only a black mark was still visible. We had previously treated her left shoulder fractures, left knee hematoma and right ankle pain. Don’t you think it’s a miracle that she is still running? (So far up to 21 miles) Well it’s Dr Kam Yuen’s “Yuen Method” in action! Making all things possible.

-Helen Ferguson

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Nearly nine months ago, I attended a lecture by Dr. Yuen. I was so impressed with the professed immediate healing results of people worked on that I made an appointment for the half hour healing session. This resulted in my profound release of chronic low back pain compounded by a feeling of great heaviness that I had been plagued with most of my life due to two spinal fusions as a child. It has not returned! My grandson who weighs more than 40 lbs. has been my true test since I lift him frequently from his car seat and into my house with no recurrence of pain. Also, my work as an operating room R.N. used to be a burden due to having to lift patients on a daily basis. This doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore! Since then, I have taken the basic and intermediate classes in Yuen Method and have been privileged to have sciatic and upper back pain totally removed! This is the compelling reason I am learning this great futuristic healing system to help my family and my patients. My SOUL is joyous beyond space and time! THANK YOU DR. YUEN. Since my Yuen Method classes, I have used what I learned to heal others and myself. For instance, chronic muscle cramps in my feet and legs have disappeared on correction during an episode. Virtually, anything that seems out of balance during my daily life grabs my attention for correction, and most always works. While on vacation in October visiting my sister, she complained of moderately severe upper back pain. After working on her for approximately 5 minutes she ecstatically expressed relief! This has not returned. My brother joined my sister and I in a restaurant and complained of epigastria pain. I immediately exclaimed “I know what to do, Yuen Method,” I said as I gunshotted his spine. He laughed, thinking it was a joke. Later, he confessed the pain was really gone! They are looking forward to my next visit. I look forward to an exciting new millennium! Happy New year to you and those dear to you!”

-Sophia Rane

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Social Worker

The last thing I was looking for was a technique. As a student of cross cultural traditional medicine and nature-based spiritual practices, I generally gravitate to long apprenticeships where the teaching happens in ceremonial process and have moved away from learning in a more traditional classroom lecture/demonstration style method since my post-graduate continuing education days. Yet through a series of events, I was guided to have an individual session with Dr. Yuen which had such a powerful impact on reversing the symptoms of a chronic allergy condition and karmic condition that I knew I needed to explore this work more deeply. After attending the Basic Seminar with Dr. Yuen, I began to offer the technique to several of my clients with whom I felt would understand my limited knowledge of the treatment and be comfortable with being a “guinea pig.” The results were not always immediately understood or felt, as often we were correcting conditions of a mental, emotional, or spiritual nature and would require returning to one’s life to determine any positive effect. One woman, “Ida” had been suffering from bouts of discomfort and pain in her stomach that were alleviated when eating, coupled with several different symptoms that were put in the peri- menopausal diagnosis and possibly hypoglycemia. I offered the technique, as it was obvious that no assistance or clarity was coming her way. She came back three weeks later delighted to report that all of her symptoms disappeared. The technique had excellent results on three occasions working with women experiencing periodic depressive episodes. One young man found significant relief from headaches connected to his grand mal seizures (which had also reduced). Another man who had chronic pain in his hands and feet from two episodes of Guiane Barres syndrome had reported that the technique is the only remedy that has caused his feet to be in less pain (he has tried energy work, acupuncture, allopathic medication, and physical therapy). Since I do not see people for treatment of their physical problems (though these often do get better when they heal the other sources of their pain) these results have been as big a shock to me as it is to them. The two people I most often use the Technique on are my younger daughter and myself. I find by clearing myself everyday before working and whenever I even sense any imbalances, I have been able to maintain better health and well being. My daughter has found the technique to be helpful in clearing her sinus symptoms (she had chronic infections) and aches and pains in her active 11-year-old legs. The sweetest experience I have had using the technique has been with our box turtle, Bagel. This family pet, whom I have a great fondness for, had become quite sluggish, unresponsive and not eating for about three weeks. This was right after I had attended the intermediate seminar with Dr. Yuen. I thought that I had nothing to lose so I began to do general corrections on Bagel declaring that anything I corrected in a human would transfer for the anatomy of the turtle. During the treatment, Bagel’s head finally came out of her shell and by the next day, one eye was open and she ate her breakfast.”

-Susan A. Lipshutz, L.C.S.W.

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Dr. Christopher Masters is a scientist and technology developer. He is currently engaged in the development of industrial process technologies that are energy efficient, cost effective, non-polluting, and result in needed and valuable products. Dr. Masters is trained in analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, and a variety of materials sciences. He states: “When I first saw Dr. Kam Yuen’s demonstrations of Yuen Method, I was amazed, intrigued, and frankly disturbed. At one and the same time I felt that it was wonderful that Dr. Yuen could accomplish the relief of pain so quickly and profoundly, and I was afraid that what he had discovered threatened the basis of my knowledge of science. As usual, my fear was unfounded. Dr. Yuen’s first breakthrough, his diagnostic technique, now makes perfect sense to me as a spectroscopist. Modern imaging techniques like CAT Scan, NMR, or the traditional X-Ray photography use an external energy field to scan the body and detect patterns. Dr. Yuen uses the energy fields that are already present in the body and are connected to all the body’s vital processes to do the same thing. Brilliant! It’s safe, and it requires no expensive equipment. What this diagnostic technique does require is a very deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the ways in which the several overlapping energy fields of the body work. In addition, it requires learning the technique to measure these fields in a meaningful way. Fortunately, Dr. Yuen can teach this to essentially anyone willing to learn it. It is simple, but requires practice to achieve competence. Dr. Yuen’s second breakthrough is the discovery that the same understanding that leads to the detection of the causes of a condition can be used to correct the condition. I have observed Dr. Yuen work on volunteers from the demonstration audience and from the course attendees. He achieved clear improvement, if not total correction, of conditions ranging from moderate to severe in the very short time frame permitted by the demonstration or teaching context. I spoke with the participants afterwards and am convinced of the authenticity of the impact. In addition, my wife and I have used the technique on each other with good results, and we are new to the discipline. I definitely recommend that the technique be given serious consideration as both a diagnostic and treatment tool to be used in conjunction with other accepted healing modalities.

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My husband and I are veterinarians at an animal clinic in North Carolina. A little dog that was about ten years old had come in for surgery. Right after surgery to remove an infected uterus, he stopped breathing and his heart had stopped. They tried to revive him for five minutes. It was not my patient. It was my husband’s patient, but I was called in because they had tried everything to bring him back and nothing had worked. Using Yuen Method I found out that he was hanging by the barest thread. I checked to see if it was God’s will for him to come back or not. I was also medically concerned because after 5 or 6 minutes, even if an animal can be revived, they are often blind and their mental functions are off. I didn’t want to bring the dog back if it was going to be severely incapacitated. There was only a trachea tube left. They had stopped giving artificial respiration so he wasn’t getting any oxygen in his lungs. I began to practice Yuen Method on the dog as best I knew how from the basic seminar, just quickly going thru the basic checklist. I worked on him for one or two minutes, it’s hard to say exactly how long it was. Then I began to see bright red blood oozing from a number of points on the dog and became alarmed. I was happy it was red. I knew that was good. Before the dog was completely blue, but I didn’t know why it was coming out. My husband explained that those are all the places where he gave him injections to revive him and where we used acupuncture needles. Then the heart started and he began breathing again, Then the dog opened his eyes and looked around the room. It just happened spontaneously after the treatment. They had all but given up on the dog and were ready to declare it dead, and really only called me in as a last resort. That was my very first patient after the seminar. Now we all have a deep respect for the power of this technique. Especially me. This experience really gave me the confidence and the courage to move ahead with Yuen Method!

-Dr. Jeanne Tsing Ling

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Yoga Instructor

I’m an administrative assistant at a bed and breakfast up north. I’m also a healing practitioner and a yoga instructor. I met Dr. Yuen Sept 7 at a television show. He worked on chronic pain in my neck from a 1992 car accident. I had sought all types of therapies, but it didn’t go away. The doctors encouraged me to take pain medication, but I chose not to. After he worked on my neck for two and a half minutes, the pain was gone and has not returned since. He also worked on my right elbow. When I was seven I broke and crushed all the major bones in my elbow. I’ve had limited motion of 15 to 20 degrees in that elbow ever since. He worked on my right arm twice for about three minutes each time, and now I have 60 degrees of motion in my arm and rotation in the elbow which I had not had at all before

-Nancy Kelly Carter

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