Thanksgiving Message – A New Perspective: Why You Don’t Have to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving What You Should Be Doing Instead

November 26, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

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Questions and Answers Interview with Dr. Yuen:

Marnie – Q: For many people the Thanksgiving Holiday means feasting, four-day weekends, football games, floats and family reunions. Critics complain that the meaning of Thanksgiving has slowly deteriorated, and is now almost completely lost as we not only have Black Friday, but an expanded blitz of media hype, sales pitches and marketing tactics as a forerunner to Christmas. Kam, does your insight tell you that we should reclaim Thanksgiving as being a time of expressing our gratitude for what we have received?

Dr. Yuen – A: I’m neutral, so for me it’s OK either way; express gratitude or don’t. However, I will say that for most people gratitude is a product of the mind and offering thanks provides the mind with a temporary sense of well-being.

Marnie – Q:  I remember my family at Thanksgiving dinner sitting around the table and before eating, we would each take a turn at conveying what we were grateful for, such as good health, love or support from our family, and so on. Is there a difference between gratitude for non-material verses material things?

Dr. Yuen – A: No, what you have received, material or non-material, is the result of what you are strong for. The problem is that the mind gets involved dictating that on Thanksgiving you should express gratitude for what you have received. Thanksgiving is a tradition that has a lot of positive charge on it as it was handed down from our ancestors, the Pilgrims who, despite suffering a loss of 46 of their original 102 colonists upon landing at Plymouth Rock, somehow survived the bitter winter and, with the help of 91 Indians, yielded a bountiful harvest in 1621. In celebration, a traditional English harvest festival, lasting three days brought the Pilgrims and natives to unite in a “thanksgiving” observance. This is a very touching story.  

So, if you want to express gratitude for what you have received, that’s fine.  However, if you try doing this when you are in a neutral state with your mind totally silent, assuming you have mastered this state, you will observe that all thoughts have disappeared. There is nothing to say.  This is more truthful.

  • For example, who are you thanking? Any higher power such as God, provides  infinite unconditional love, unconditional giving and wisdom and has no need for receiving anything. The need for offering thanks exists only in your mind, although this may be difficult for you to accept. There is no reality to it.
  • The mind’s whole concept of receiving is rooted in scarcity (there is not enough to go around) and often in a belief that you are not good enough.  These thoughts create a false need to be grateful for anything you receive, especially if you believe a higher power is involved.

Marnie – Q:  Is there something we should be doing on Thanksgiving?

Dr. Yuen – A: Thanksgiving provides us with a number of opportunities:

  • You should be strong for receiving. If you are weak, strengthen yourself for receiving in general and delete the causes/reasons/sources of the underlying weaknesses.
  • You should be strong for being worthy of receiving – this is often an underlying weakness related to receiving in general
  • Delete any karma related to receiving
  • You should also be neutral about receiving so it is not conditional: receiving/not receiving/neutral
  • You should be strong for abundance


Marnie – Q: You said the concept of receiving brings up the question “are you worthy of receiving?” How does being worthy/good enough relate to loving yourself unconditionally?

Dr. Yuen – A: This is a topic of our upcoming seminar. However, when you use the word “love,” you are thinking of it in terms of the conventional way the mind defines love rather than in terms of physical intelligence.  It is better to use the phrase unconditional acceptance of yourself and others. You must activate and connect strongly and continually to your physical intelligence (your five brains) so that your receivers are turned on, enabling you to be stimulated constantly by the wisdom of the Universal Intelligence as it provides answers and non-judgmental (neutral) energy that flow down to you on an ongoing basis.

Currently, at some level, whether conscious or not, our minds are present to remind us that we are not good enough. We have lived under a dark cloud of self-condemnation for centuries.  Thanks to our ancestors, parents, culture, education and the collective thought, our minds have been conditioned to think we should be different than we are/better than we are.  “What you are” versus “what you should be” creates all varieties of unhappiness for you and prevents you from accepting both yourself and others unconditionally.

In addition, traumatic memories of rejection, failure and self-blame that go back centuries are lodged in your spirit as well as karma, which unconsciously dictates that you have many things to make up for, things you did that were wrong.  So this problem goes much deeper than simply saying, “stop judging and critiquing yourself and accept yourself the way you are.”

Marnie – Q: So basically we must be strong to deleting our mind and spirit, because both prevent us from total acceptance. We should also be deleting the underlying weaknesses pertaining to not accepting yourself unconditionally.

Dr. Yuen – A: That’s one of the things you can do. You can also create neutrality for:     

  • Accepting yourself/not accepting yourself/having to change/not having to change/neutral
  • OK the way you are/not OK the way you are/you are good enough/you are not good enough/neutral

Marnie – Q: Last year in your Thanksgiving blog you mentioned a second kind of gratitude that comes from the heart rather than the mind or spirit. Please elaborate on that.

Dr. Yuen – A: You can experience a thankfulness coming from your heart that is genuine unlike the false gratitude that comes from the mind. It is our minds that falsify, never our physical intelligence. Your heart has a great deal of physical intelligence, which originates from your five brains.  If you connect strongly and consistently with this and continue to upgrade your neutrality, eventually your heart center, which resonates with your physical intelligence in your heart, will open.  This allows you to experience a silent thankfulness and gratitude that flows from your heart naturally and abundantly and is not directed at anyone in particular, as opposed to thinking about it and expressing it verbally.

Marnie – Q: Many people use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to help the less fortunate. Some people volunteer to serve food at homeless shelters on Thanksgiving Day and others donate to shelters or participate in canned food drives.  What is your take on this?

Dr. Yuen – A: Now we are talking about giving rather than receiving. I cannot say the above practices are right/wrong or good/bad. I’m neutral about what people choose to do.  However, I will point out that many people involved in providing help for others at any given time often are operating from mind and/or the spirit.  Here are just a few examples of what might be motivating them:

  • The mind’s need for others to appreciate them
  • The mind’s need for others to applaud their generosity
  • The mind’s need to appease some kind of guilt
  • The mind’s need to be needed
  • The mind’s need for self-righteousness
  • The mind’s need for others to admire their “selflessness”
  • The spirit’s attempt to neutralize a past karma relating to ignoring those less fortunate or being obsessed with your own needs, while ignoring the needs of others, and so on
  • On the other hand, people whose minds are rooted in scarcity often find giving difficult

Marnie – Q: So Thanksgiving also provides us with the opportunity to deal with weaknesses we have regarding giving to or helping others. Kam, can you sum up what people should be doing here?

Dr. Yuen – A: People should be strong and open to giving, just as they are strong and open to receiving.  However, giving should be rooted in neutrality, rather than being a product of the mind or spirit.  Neutrality for giving requires being equally strong with the three possibilities; giving/not giving/neutral.  Also, giving should not be indiscriminate, but intuitive.  For example, in donating money to charities/causes, you should screen them to find those that are strong for a high percent of donated money actually reaching the recipients of the cause or being used for research rather than going towards administrative costs.  You will be shocked to discover that only a handful of charities meet this criteria.

When you are offering your time to assist those in need, again rely on your intuition and insight in determining who to give assistance to and when to provide it, because each individual situation presents you with a different set of circumstances. So if providing assistance is strong for you in a particular situation, then go for it. If it is weak, stay away. You should also be neutral about providing assistance to others: assisting others/not-assisting others/neutral.

Marnie – Q: Speaking of giving in general, what do you think are the most important things you can give to others?

Dr. Yuen – A: The top three would be:

  1. Give Freedom – When you give freedom, you are freer
  2. Give Unconditional Acceptance
  3. Strengthening the Weaknesses In Others (when you are strong to doing so in any specific case)

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