The Best Holiday Gift You Can Give!

December 11, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Want to Know…

What is the Best Holiday Gift That You Can Give to Someone Including Yourself?

It’s the Holiday Gift of Physical Intelligence with ways to use your brain more than your mind so that you make 2015 your best year yet….

Blast into 2015 with a clean slate without pain, illness, injury or limitations.

While others are suggesting ways to improve your mind, you will insightfully, knowingly and precisely choose to increase your brain functions; to improve all your physical functions, physical performances and physical surroundings.

Take charge of your life and never resonate with others or circumstances creating a situation where you have unknowingly lost control of your life. You will permanently and completely stop attracting or connecting with those people (even if they are family members) and situations

You will change others with your successes, especially monetary success, along with the 5 other elements in your Life Hexagon, without others being consciously aware that you can improve their lives beyond wishing and hoping them the best.

Do you know what the first thing is in your life that you must take charge of?

It is not what you think!
It is never what you think!

Whatever you think it is, that is never what it actually is, 
particularly, when what it is has been decided using your mental thinking!

It is time to downgrade your mind’s negative illusionary influences. YOU WILL KNOW this after the real-time Tele-Course experience, because you will connect with your innate intelligence.

It is time to reconnect with your innate intelligence and not just say that you are doing so. You are making use of your innate intelligence, so that you will never be sick, injured and poverty-stricken again. This includes losing yourself with negative thoughts, emotions and being out of control with psychological misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

You will only work when you choose to work. You will stop using the “have-to mentality”.

Gone will be the mental limitations; activate only your physical intelligence, which is as infinite as the physical universe that surrounds you.

You can expect or just imagine that your life will be without stress and pain. You can now experience immediate results and innately KNOW what your life has to offer in your near and distant future.

You will then know what to do and proceed to do it!

You can be part of the “No Curing of Any Disease” movement if you choose and decide to do it. Curing, healing and treatment of any disease are not needed in an Age of Less or No Ignorance.

Your exact physical intelligence can, and will, lead to improvements and benefits. Your exact physically intelligent “thinking” leads to immediate results, not hopeful results in the future. You do think with your brain!

The benefits and improvements of life will now begin for you. What you will experience from this course and clinic in terms of physically intelligent gains and enhancements is only the tip of the iceberg.

Changing your life using your physical intelligence is where it all begins.

Physical, mental and spiritual improvements are the result of your physical intelligence, and the mental and spiritual improve, because they are the non-physical components residing in your physical presence, dimension and universe.

You will know how to increase your money /finances by deleting other people’s Stress and Pain.

Improve and increase financial wellbeing by deleting your poverty-stricken mentality.

Motivation, inspiration and passion may be the only emotional traits that existed before, but now you will extend them with your physical neutrality, finding the weaknesses and strengthening the weaknesses automatically and instinctively.

Your innate intelligence will lead you to break and change many conventional rules, particularly those which do not lead to noticeable and immediate results. You will never be conventional again because conventionality doesn’t lead anywhere, didn’t lead anywhere and has chosen not to lead anywhere.

You will experience and learn how to base your life in the future on results and then process each result backwards. You will achieve the physical intelligence from Dr. Yuen to reverse engineer everything that is, has been, and will be in your life.

Not only do physical and innate intelligence function together, they are one and the same. We are not only surrounded by the physical intelligence of the world and planet earth but also by the physical intelligence of the infinite physical universe.

It is our physical intelligence, which improves and increases our physical intelligence. It is our physical intelligence that is as infinite as the infinite physical universe.

“When I was in Chiropractic College, there was always the discussion and speaking of innate intelligence by many of my teachers. However it was never applied, nor was it demonstrated that it could be used to achieve immediate results. Innate intelligence does not wait! There seem to be more idle words used than actions taken. Now taking innate actions can be finally included. It is just another legitimate step in the process of reverse engineering.”

When you learn how to apply the connections of your innate intelligence, there is no need of curing, healing and treatment of diseases and injuries. You can expect this, and not just imagine it, as many experts have suggested. Your life will be without Stress and Pain. You can now experience immediate results and innately KNOW what your life has to offer in your near and distant future.

You can predetermine your future and not listen to the limitations that are in your mind and other people’s minds.

This can be your Final Resolution, the Ultimate Resolution.

It will be the end of all unanswered questions from the past. You will receive the answers before you ask the questions. Your questions will automatically link to the (appropriate) answers without any time-lapse caused by mental thinking.

You can choose to perform Surrogate Improvement for anyone you want. This can be for your children, parents and your pets.  This is beyond just mentally thinking, wishing and hoping the best for anyone.

Join us in the Holiday and New Year’s Tele-Course and learn and experience how your Life Hexagon will emerge and evolve into your New Octagon of Life Achievement so that 2015 will be your best year yet!

Note: it is your mind, which abuses people, not your brain. Any abnormal wiring or psychosis of the brain is not the brain. It is produced by the mind. It is the confusion between our mind and brain as advocated and perpetuated by experts, which has consistently compromised our human intelligence.

Three Registration Options:

 1. Tele-Course:

In This Holiday and New Year Special Tele-Course, You Will Experience How to Delete the Cumulative Effects of ALL Your 2014 Baggage, On the Spot! Start 2015 with a Clean Slate… Be 100% Infinitely Strong to Your New Year Resolutions, so They Actually Turn into Reality!

You will learn and experience the principles of the Yuen Method live application as Dr. Yuen teaches. You will be supported with dedication for 5 consecutive weeks, experience and learn how to delete of all your negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions and experiences of 2014 and those of your distant past, all of which have been holding you back in this dimension, universe, and existence on this planet.

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2. Tele-Clinic:

In This Holiday and New Years Special Tele-Clinic, Dr. Yuen Will Delete the Cumulative Effects of ALL Your 2014 Baggage, on the Spot! Start 2015 with a Clean Slate…Be 100% Infinitely Strong to Your New Year’s Resolutions, so they Actually Turn into Reality!

This clinic is designed for personalized resolution of each individual’s pain and stress. Every attendee can submit specific problems/requests directly to Dr. Yuen each week. Dr. Yuen will personally delete and strengthen every attendee for the underlying weaknesses that have sabotaged your ability to stick to previous resolutions, despite your best intentions and efforts.

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3. The Ultimate Holiday and New Year’s Special Discount Bundle:

Tele-Course + Tele-Clinic

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