The Yuen Method (YM) Podcast demonstrates…

November 16, 2022 Mike Heise

The Yuen Method (YM) Podcast demonstrates…

that Qi and Qigong are not pseudo-sciences. It is a verified principle and is related to energy in science. 

This podcast is not a discussion and speaking of possibilities.

The consistent, immediate results Qi can use to solve most health, relationships, and financial problems in people and animals. 

  • The first step is to activate and strengthens the whole CNS, not limited to just the cranial brain.
    The YM is the only protocol that accesses the entire CNS and the peripheral nervous system and detoxifies
    them at a distance with the second and third steps.
  • The second step in this process activates your physical intelligence (Pi) and your internal computer (Ic)
  • The third step strengthens the internal and external Qi of your CNS.

For a low monthly subscription membership, you can experience the immediate results of the Science of Qi has existed for thousands of years.

The Science of Qi existed long before any science existed anywhere in the world. 

The Science of Qi existed long before any science existed anywhere in the world. It has become dormant during the last few centuries that the Yuen has revitalized to its original prominence.

It is time for all Asians, billions of us, to appreciate and give credence to our unique state-of-the-art heritage and for the rest of the world to benefit.

The purpose of the YM Podcast is to offer a few random subscribers and attendees know that all problems presented will be quickly resolved. In a few seconds, you will know your problems can also be quickly resolved without high expenses and time.

It will only defeat our intention to benefit the rest of the world if it is incorrectly subscribed only as a low-cost health clinic.

YM has more in-depth programs for that purpose. 

If you have been searching for solutions to your unresolved life problem. 

It will get resolved.

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