Vibrational Fitness for Relationships, Finances and Life Purpose

June 23, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Using the Yuen Method Fitness Bar

We’re thrilled at the recent response as hundreds of our students enrolled in Part One of our Vibrational Fitness Tele-Course. The benefits of properly using the YM Fitness Bar will provide each of them with the cutting edge for immediate and highly effective changes in health, internal and external fitness, weight loss and reducing/reversing aging, enabling them to obtain outcomes that far exceed the limited results provided by even the most advanced of today’s workout techniques.

How Can a Fitness Bar Possibly Affect Non-Physical Life Problems?

The question in many of your minds may be, “How in the world can a fitness bar possibly have any meaningful effect on relationships, finances or life purpose/fulfillment when, unlike health, weight loss and the aging process, these areas seem so disconnected from the fitness of our bodies?” Using a fitness bar to effortlessly earn more money, find the right mate, successfully change careers or suddenly discover a life filled with purpose may strike you as being somewhat ludicrous.

For former students, you also may be wondering why you need a fitness bar when you are already achieving resolutions with the Yuen Method Protocol of deleting underlying weaknesses. This blog and the ones that will follow are intended to explain the WHY and HOW of the extensive improvement in your everyday challenges in the areas of financial, career, relationships and life purpose that the YM Fitness Bar will bring about.



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Using the Yuen Method Fitness Bar for
Non-Physical Areas in Your Life


You ultimately become or attract what you strongly resonate with. This occurs because the frequencies you resonate with create your own magnetic field, which then attract similar vibrational frequencies. Unfortunately, many of our strongest resonances are negative in nature. Some of these include scarcity, failure, conflict, dissatisfaction, struggle and so on.
Dr. Yuen uses the fitness bar to properly realign your vibrational experience so that your vibrational frequencies resonate in a manner that supports rather than sabotages each major area of your life experiences. Using the fitness bar for this purpose is a revolutionary new concept developed by Dr. Yuen that is VITAL to changing your life situation for the better. You can expect the following transformations:

  • Finances – automatic strong resonance with prosperity, money, wealth
  • Career – automatic strong resonance with success, job satisfaction, and achievement
  • Relationships – automatic strong resonance with harmony, unconditional acceptance of self and others
  • Life purpose – automatic strong resonance with fulfillment

This change in resonance for each of the above is initiated by Dr. Yuen in the upcoming tele-course and is additionally supported by the increase in physical intelligence from regular use of the fitness bar, which ultimately permanently realigns specific actions in your internal body structure to resonate with strength in all the above areas. The dramatic changes this automatically brings about are something you simply must experience for yourself. Changing resonance via the fitness bar not only works, but provides the only method of accomplishing this that doesn’t take decades to achieve.

Why Using the YM Fitness Bar for Strengthening Is 10X More
Effective Than Traditional Strengthening Without It

This approach is very specific in nature. When using the YM Fitness bar you can choose to focus on and strengthen any area or interrelated areas you want to improve. In the previous seminar, for example, you might have focused on your abdominal muscles. When strengthening any physical or non-physical facet of your life, it is vital that the area you are choosing to improve has a strong two-way connection and communication with your CNS. If you were strengthening the abdominal muscles without the bar, using the traditional method of focusing on your midline, you would be much more effective if you began by strengthening the two-way connection between the CNS and the abdominal muscles before beginning and even then, the connection would be only partially effective.
The same holds true for non-physical areas. The CNS must have a strong two-way connection and communication with the vibration frequency of what you are strengthening.

Because the bar is an extension of your midline and your CNS is constantly being stimulated with vibrations when using the bar, an automatic, direct and strong two-way connection between the CNS and the area you are focusing instantly develops. For this reason, the process of strengthening any area in life while using the bar far exceeds the traditional strengthening we use with the Yuen Method Protocol.

When strengthening a specific facet or area of interest, you are far more likely to reach 100% infinite potential when using the bar. If you are strengthening someone else, the result is also greatly amplified if that person is shaking the bar when the strengthening is taking place.

The Vibrational Experience as Regards Relationships, Finances,
Career and Life Purpose Has Been Customized to Comprehensively
Strengthen Every Aspect in Each of These Categories

Are you ready to maximize each of the above areas in your life, to be the best you can be? Operating at your full career potential, for example, involves dealing with multiple issues and interactions, covering many different aspects not strengthened in the deletion of a specific career problem. Our purpose here is to go far beyond what you can achieve in a life area, once deletion of specific problems in this area has taken place.

To this end, every aspect included in the above mentioned categories will be taken into consideration for strengthening. We do not want to leave even a single neglected and therefore vulnerable facet in place, which may manifest indirectly or directly into weaknesses that will eventually cause failures in the vulnerable spheres of your life.

With this in mind, we have created new charts for you containing the most relevant geometric figures related to each area, many of which are new and far more specific than previous ones. There will also be additional comprehensive lists comprising specific components relevant to each of these life areas. Each of these will be greatly strengthened through the internal vibratory stimulations of the bar, as you concentrate specifically on each figure or item on the list. The charts can also be used without the bar, but remember the strengthening will be 10X more effective because you will be shaking the bar. Dr. Yuen will demonstrate exactly how this is done using samples from the charts in each his videos. More about the charts in upcoming blogs.

Using the YM Fitness Bar to Strengthen Neutrality for
Finances, Career, Relationships and Life Purpose

By now, you should all be aware of the importance of NEUTRALITY in creating and mastering your life experiences. Neutrality is perhaps the most difficult state of mind (we really mean no mind) to achieve and retain throughout the day. Continuous neutrality equates to enlightenment (dropping of the mind).

As a reminder neutrality is vital for:

  • Differentiating strong from weak
  • Achieving the insight to locate underlying weaknesses to resolve life problems
  • Basing all decisions, choices and actions on what tests strongest rather than on what seems most logical
  • Eliminating all struggle in life. To struggle doesn’t mean you are just struggling in a vacuum. Either you are struggling for something or you are struggling against something. When you are neutral, you are neither for nor against anything. This makes struggling impossible.

Everyone has more difficulty remaining neutral in certain areas of their life. Your neutrality regarding relationships, for example, may far exceed your neutrality when it comes to finances. For this reason, Dr. Yuen will strengthen each of these areas individually for neutrality as well as for insight. Remember this strengthening will be 10X more effective because you will be shaking the bar!

Initiation of the Vibrational Experience
The Ultimate Advantage of Using the YM Fitness Bar!

Dr. Yuen will begin the INITIATION of your vibrational experience of quickly reaching a high level of speed for each individual and for the group (for the areas of finances, career, relationships and life purpose), which leads to ACTIVATION, ACCLIMATION and ending in ACTUALIZATION. If this sounds like gibberish, read the full description at the end of the blog.

When activated as described above and used properly, because The Yuen Method Fitness Bar is an extension of the midline and is used to stimulate the central nervous system, home to your physical intelligence, as you vibrate all your cells, molecules, atoms and quantum particles, all the way up and down your body structure, your physical intelligence increases with each two to three-minute session. Within a short time, the surge in the effectiveness of your physical intelligence begins to change all aspects of your life automatically.
However, the YM Bar goes one step further. Eventually, with regular use it activates the effectiveness of your physical intelligence infinitely so that it is able to resolve and reinforce all the resolutions to any and all your specific relationship, financial, career and life purpose problems without your intervention or awareness. It acclimates you to be in charge of them.

Sound Too Good to Be True?

That’s the exact phrase we used fifteen years ago to encourage people to attend demonstrations to see for themselves how the Yuen Method could be used to delete pain on the spot. Dr. Yuen has continued to update the Yuen Method, with each insightful change making “deleting on the spot” faster, easier and more accessible. The Yuen Method Fitness Bar is the latest activating tool in his arsenal. Dr. Yuen states, “This is a dawn of new human life experiences. It is time you resonate with and achieve without exception what you want for yourself, family, other living creatures and planet earth!” Experience it for yourself.

Does not take hours – just a couple of minutes, a few times a day –

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Vastly Enhance
and Simplify Both the Yuen Method and Your Life!

Video Experience #1

How to Use the Yuen Method Fitness Bar to
Delete on the Spot, Problems with Neutrality/Insight
(Relationships, Finances, Career, Life Purpose)

  •         Strengthening Vibrational Midline Fitness
  •         Strengthening Vibrational Daily Life Neutrality and Insight
  •         Strengthening Vibrational Daily Physical Intelligence

1.     Of the entire CNS

2.     Of every cell in your body

3.     The DNA, genes, chromosomes and telomeres within each cell

  •         Optimizing Your Central Nervous System
  •         Vibrational Daily Life Initiation – Activation – Acclimation – Leading to the Actualization
  •         Vibrate the Frequency of Your Missing Tail in the Central Nervous System

Video Experience #2

How to Use the Yuen Method Vibrational Fitness Bar Daily to 
Delete on the Spot, Problems with Relationships

  •  Internal Vibrational Fitness
  • To Initiate, Activate, Acclimate to the Acquisition of Truly Total Fitness
  • Sexual Neutrality
  • To Neutralize and Delete All Sexual Deviants in Self and Others
  • Karma
  • Resolving Karmas of Other Living Creatures and Planet Earth
  • Maximizing the Area of Relationships to Be the Best You Can Be by Strengthening Geometric Figures and Listed Items on the New Chart
  • Vibrate to Resonate with Harmony, Unconditional Acceptance of Others and Self

Video Experience #3

How to Use the Yuen Method Vibrational Fitness Bar Daily to
Delete on the Spot, Problems with Finances 

  • No Money Blocks Triad
  • Abundance Triad Integration
  • Vibrate to Resonate with the Actualization of Prosperity and Wealth
    of Self, Community, Cultural, City, State and Nation
  • Be Forever More Fit than the Surrounding Money Energies
  • No Money Deviance
  • Generous with Money to Others and Self
  • Maximizing the Area of Finances to Be the Best You Can Be by Strengthening Geometric Figures and Listed Items on the New Chart

Video Experience #4

How to Use the Yuen Method Vibrational Fitness Bar Daily to
Delete on the Spot, Problems with Career 

  • Maximizing the Area of Career to Be the Best You Can Be by Strengthening Geometric Figures and Listed Items for Both Employees and Employers on the New Chart
  • Vibrate to Resonate with Success, Job Satisfaction and Achievement
  • Strength to Be Right and Stronger Than Any Career Choice or Current Job and to Change When Your Career Choice or Current Job Doesn’t Seem to Be the Appropriate One

Video Experience #5

How to Use the Yuen Method Vibrational Fitness Bar Daily to
Delete on the Spot, Problems with Life Purpose

  • Strengthen to Become Fit and Fitter to Everything You Do
  • Strengthen so Everything Is Your Purpose Supported by Your Vibrational Energy
  • Strengthen So There Is Nothing in The World and/or in You That Doesn’t Vibrate in Sync with Your High Level of Vibratory Frequency
  • Vibrate to Resonate with Fulfillment


The INITIATION starts with increasing the resonance of the individual. To begin the process of 1 and 0’s as in 1-0-1 and 0-1-0, 1-1-0, 0-0-1, 1-0-0, etc. This is the energetic starting.

The ACTIVATION occurs when initiation continues until a critical mass or a tipping point is reached.

The ACCLIMATION occurs when initiation and activation are equal and even with each other. When both of them strongly reach 100%, strongly fit and are connected to infinite potential, then any weaknesses can specifically and quickly be pinpointed in the exact sequence order, as in relationships, finances, career and life purpose until the process continues to strengthen itself until it becomes more and more automatic.

Without using the bar and relying only on the YM Protocol, there is no way the vibrational frequency can reach the high level of consistency needed to each these levels of success.


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