September 10, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Dr. Yuen personally invites you to become an elite member and participant in his latest innovative creation, a select synergetic CLUB that will offer you UNPARALLELED GROWTH, access to Dr. Yuen’s ever-changing and LEADING-EDGE IDEAS, special bonuses available only to members, and all this for a monthly fee that is less than what many people spend on Starbucks each month. 

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS IN LIFE NEVER STOPS and doing so continually via constant contactwith this exclusive group certainly provides you with such an opportunity, one that requires little, if in fact any effort on your part. You will improve on a regular basis with unparalleled benefits and continuous upgrades. It is all about strengthening your own weaknesses and the group’s weaknesses as a whole (known and unknown) until each member has fewer and ultimately close to none.  This will automatically propel each of you into an extraordinary and fortuitous future, one that will be well beyond your expectations.

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Dr. Yuen’s Club promises you the above and more. First, it is designed in a Tele-Clinic style in which you will receive a monthly call providing group deletions and strengthening. You are probably wondering, “What’s so great about group deletions?”  Many of you still are restricted by the limiting belief that individual consultations are preferable because they address your specific question/problem.  Actually, the opposite is true. This may be as difficult for you to accept as it is for a newcomer to accede to the possibility that instant changes can and do happen on a regular basis. Yet the fact remains that GROUP DELETIONS can be far more effective and powerful than individual ones. This is a result of the synergetic effect.


Synergy takes place when the final results are greater than the sum of all of the participating individuals’ effects or enhancements combined.  This is a unique experience, sometimes occurring in nature and one that Dr. Yuen strengthens and ensures as he provides the group strengthening and deletions. Dr. Yuen uses his immaculate insight to determine the group’s leading weaknesses at the time of the call and deletes them achieving the unparalleled success provided by synergy.


 Dr. Yuen also covers a wide range of topics during the call, giving tips and pointers as he goes. He often discuss current events such as the ISIS threat or the new virus currently affecting children in a number of states, causing hospitals in these locations to be flooded, with a high percentage of the children ending up in intensive care.  Of course, this is more than a discussion, as he applies deletions if the club as a whole is weak to such threats and on occasion, he uses his insight for providing group deletions to the collective involved in the situation as a whole. He will also share with his club members his latest insights and updates to the method. Being a visionary is Dr. Yuen’s true calling and as such innovations, enhancements and new perspectives come to him on an almost daily basis.  It often takes months before his public is made aware of these shifts, but as a member of the club, you will be the first to hear of them.


The club also provides you the opportunity for individual attention. Submit 12 individual improvements that you need and want to make in your life, (one each month) for the following 12 months. You can submit your first personal request when you choose to start with Dr. Yuen. Your name is not announced on the call, but the issue you submit is addressed. It is a definite advantage when each person in your family has his or her own membership profile. This includes each one of your pets.

After addressing your personal issue, Dr. Yuen determines if the group as a whole is weak to any aspect of this particular problem and when this is the case, the group receives the synergetic benefit of an additional group deletion.


The club is set up so anyone can achieve a degree of mastery in the game of life. Joining thisNEW DYNAMIC SYNERGISTIC GROUP is a perfect fit whether you are or you are not currently enrolled in one of Dr. Yuen’s other seminars, whether you are using the method either frequently or sporadically or have given up entirely, whether you have been in touch with Dr. Yuen recently, have been out of touch with Dr. Yuen for years, or even if you have never experienced the amazing “on the spot” results Dr. Yuen achieves.

BENEFIT # 5 Remember the BONUSES are only available to those who are members of the club.

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This extraordinary club will surpass any support group or club that has previously existed, anywhere and at any time, throughout human history. 

 Join this club immediately and either continue your evolutionary experiences that not only will provide outstanding growth, allow you to raise the bar for you and the rest of humanity, but will afford you THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFE TIME.  Click Here:  

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Want to Know What Separates You From The Average Population?


Dear New Attendees,

If you wonder what separates the average population from those who have completely transformed their lives–their body, physical surroundings, physical aging, physical potential, finances, relationships, performance and intelligence and have made the best use of their mind and spirit to inform them when making decisions, then you have come to the right place.

Dr. Yuen, DC, doctor of chiropractic and aerospace engineer who has deleted pain and stress on the spot for what now amounts to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. He will be glad to offer you his in-depth insight to achieve what you want/need/desire in any area of your life.

No, he will not be lecturing you.  He will be strengthening you individually and as part of a group to determine what your underlying unknown weaknesses are and he will delete them on the spot, much as you delete your unwanted e-mails.

Dr. Yuen’s method does not require any special belief and as in most other practices, it does not rely on discipline, motivation, following a game plan that has worked for others or inspiration. You are not limited by your formal education, genetics, aging, time or willpower.

For example, if you want to improve your confidence and competitive edge, to be ahead in any profession or career you choose and to have it happen within the NEXT FEW SECONDS and then continue to experience constant improvements in whatever you want to achieve, then it is imperative that you connect with Dr. Yuen often, at least once a month in this special synergistic group.

Another example: The majority of you will be out of pain and stress in a matter of seconds. You will achieve confidence and have no doubts or regrets in your life.

It is time you take charge and become the expert and master of your life.You will establish a new culture and never be limited by relying on coping, trying harder, taking the advice of so-called experts, or using the non-action of procrastination.

You can learn the Yuen Method by taking our training modules.  However, a good way to start is to join the club and invite Dr. Yuen into your home once a month to delete from your mind, body and spirit all that is unwanted in your life.  You will expend no effort other than that of listening to the monthly calls and as Dr. Yuen makes his deletions you will begin to experience the changes that change the course of your life with no conscious involvement on your part.