We Have A Program Of Reciprocity.

November 11, 2022 J Worrall

YM, YuenMethod.com has continuously financially supported

legitimate animal and human welfare organizations.

YM has an ongoing list of whom we donate.

We can present that to you.

By utilizing your physical intelligence, you can intuitively and insightfully know which organizations are legitimate.

Give them the benefit of the doubt, and if you are unsure, you can repeat this process for the consistency of your perceived answer.

Then you can confirm that with what has been written about the organization online.

Your physical Intel (Pi) and internal computer within your CNS should be addressed and given more credence.

YM can demonstrate immediate results with problems you may have been searching your whole life to resolve.

Yes, we need and can do more, even with fewer asking for donations. By offering donors beneficial life improvement programs, they will immediately feel and perceive the improvements.

We have a program of reciprocity.

The meaning of reciprocity:

The action of exchanging with others for mutual benefit. Even by one country or organization to another.

YM programs, without exception, are always life-changing and even lifesaving.

You can experience it without leaving your home, school, work or wherever you may be.

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