What Is The Best Scenario In Life?

April 30, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

The best scenario in life is to acquire and achieve FINAL RESOLUTION for any problem you may face. It is simpler and easier than you think.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there anything at all in your life that you are still struggling with in an effort to make happen?
  • Is there anything in your life you are still uncertain about?
  • Is there anything in life that still bothers, annoys, troubles or confuses you?
  • Is time still a scarce commodity for you?
  • Are you fighting, defending yourself or experiencing a raging battle against anything?

My guess is that your answer is yes to one more of these questions. That is not to say that you haven’t made progress. You undoubtedly have.

But are you willing to push the envelope further by adding the still undiscovered insights that will continue to improve the quality of your life, or have you had enough and are you satisfied with the status quo?

Whether you are satisfied with your progress or frustrated by your lack of it, I have to remind you that change is not painful at all. Although this may not be apparent to you at this moment, it is easier for you to continue changing than to stop or to give up now. It takes tremendous effort, energy and time not to change while the whole universe around you is at a constant state of flux. In fact, continued change is the easiest and most natural option open to you.

Stay with the process until ultimately you are able to ride life as surfers ride ocean waves on a surfboard, enjoying the process.

Join me so I can direct you in resolving any of the questions you answered “yes” to in the opening of the email.  In addition we will:

  • Feel and delete your five remaining leading weaknesses that have not as yet surfaced when resolving your problems
  • Feel and delete your five leading future problems that you are not aware of at this time
  • Activate a system where every and all triads, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons are integrating and supporting one another
  • Delete any weaknesses that prevent you from obtaining immediate results on anyone and everyone
  • Ensure that you are strong to the disease process and to any disease that may affect you in the future

Experience and download Dr Yuen’s Final Resolution, you will answer any life question and resolve any life problem like no one else can. There is nothing to learn, train or memorize, just activate what you already know initiated by Dr. Yuen and then you do it to improve yourself and your family.

More news next time, but don’t delay in registering now and if something is keeping you from doing that, seriously, delete the weakness behind that, because I can assure it will be one for the ages.

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