December 2, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC


 Here We Go Again – Another New Year
Is Just Around the Corner…

After we have decked our halls with “Boughs of Holly” (branches of the Holly plant), we look forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve.  It’s a time for raging parties, celebrating with friends or at the very least for watching television as the Time Square New Year’s Eve ball drops at 12:00 a.m.

While some of us will be looking back, reminiscing and singing Auld Lang Syne, the majority of us will be applauding this night as the perfect time to turn a new page in our lives, fully committed to transforming ourselves by implementing our New Year’s resolutions.


Promises … Promises …
Hold on a minute … 

We know that it’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm once the confetti is swept up. 

Ask yourself, “how long does it take, before the average person gives up?” 

TWO WEEKS, that’s right … only two weeks … and here’s why:

They relied on methods that are ineffective, including the following: 

  • Try harder/use more determination/effort/drive/persistence
  • Insist on more self-control
  • Use motivational thinking
  • Be more enthusiastic
  • Use a method that has worked for others
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Be passionate about your resolutions 


Are any of the below New Year’s Resolutions on your list for the coming year?

1.   Improve Physical and Mental Well-Being: Laugh More Often, Enjoy Life

2.   Be Less Stressed

3.   Improve Finances: Pay Off Outstanding Debt and Save Money

4.   Improve Career: Find a Better Job, Establish Own Business

5.   Lose Weight, Get Fit, Exercise More and Eat Healthier

6.   Learn Something New/Get a Better Education

7.   Volunteer to Help People

8.   Get Rid of Bad Habits, Smoking, Over-Imbibing Alcohol, Biting Nails

9.   Spend More Time With Family

10.  Take a Vacation/Travel to New Places

In the Tele-Course and Tele-Clinic Dr. Yuen will personally delete the underlying weaknesses that have sabotaged your ability to stick to previous resolutions, despite your best intentions and efforts. In the Tele-Course you will experience this for yourself as well as learning the method.

You’ve heard us say it so many times, but we’ll repeat it again. Everything and anything in life can be accomplished with effortless ease. So please, give yourself the New Year’s present of taking the struggle out of manifesting your resolutions in 2016.

Below Dr. Yuen shares some of the Yuen Method’s unique strengthening effects that will change and empower you beyond any of your previous levels of life experiences. Here is a preview including two examples on the list of New Year’s resolutions that will give you a taste as to what you will experience in the upcoming Holiday and New Year’s Tele-Course.

Mental well-being is the result of deleting your hidden accumulated previous negative thinking/thoughts and experiences. Doing this ensures that each of your new thoughts and experiences in the New Year will not be affected by any previous negative ones because there are none present, lying in wait, ready to be triggered at any given moment, causing you to seriously overreact to what is currently taking place. Ensure that with laughing more often, that the laughter doesn’t trigger any negative experiences (weakness) associated with being laughed at, of anyone reacting to your laughter and/or inappropriate laughing incidents.  Enjoying life also triggers opposite experiences of not enjoying life, which have to be deleted.

Improving finances: Pay off outstanding debt and save more money: If you are in debt and/or don’t have savings, you do not want to be weakened by past thoughts and previous experiences relating to this situation that are buried in your subconscious or unconscious mind or spirit. Delete any accumulative effects of these thoughts and experiences. Find and delete the underlying weaknesses that are preventing you from making more money.

Below are some brief strengthening effects of your physical potential that counteract conventional thinking.  While this list provides only a few examples where Dr. Yuen debunks some common myths, nevertheless, the examples presented include the leading weakening effects of the majority of the human population regarding each topic.

Eating healthy food is really not the leading answer or action to take to achieving better health.  In reality it is about becoming strong to any food you eat. You can then eat anything and remain healthy.  Many people are actually weakened by what they consider to be “nutritious and “healthy” foods. Ironically, when this is the case this food will actually be harmful to your health. You want to have mastery or the final say about eating, not the other way around.

Losing weight: it’s not about the universally accepted myth of counting calories, eating less and exercising more. Of course it begins with deleting underlying weaknesses for having this difficulty in the first place.  Even without doing this, if you ensure your internal actions including digestion time, metabolism and elimination remain strong, you become equally strong to both choices; eating or not eating, so that eating becomes a non-issue and you become strong to removing from the body what is commonly referred to as fat, but is actually the combination of cellular waste products and dead cells. You can and will reduce your body size on the spot in this process known as detoxification.

Quit smoking, which involves the thoughts, experiences and description of the word “quit” brings in difficulties and the impossibility of success. Weaknesses to this word must be deleted. Smoking also triggers strong cultural, collective and ancestral negative influences related to the practice that persist in the present population and generation. The cumulative effect of these should also be deleted. Finally, since smoking is considered to be a bad habit, the word “bad” weakens you and deprives you of success because it triggers the collective experiences of dealing with anything “bad.”

Dr. Yuen will share more of his extensive experience and impeccable insight in the Tele-Course/Clinic and obtain real results for you just as he has done for the hundreds of thousands of patients he has consulted. 

Start 2016 with the Ultimate Strength Supporting You

Collectively, making and keeping the New Year’s resolutions affects all of us, whether we make New Year’s resolutions or not.  

There is a lot of collective energy on New Year’s Eve. You don’t want to unconsciously resonate with the vast majority who fail almost immediately.  

New Year’s energy can work for you or against you.

Dr. Yuen assures you that just by being part of this New Year Tele-Course and Tele-Clinic, you will be beginning the year with the supportive energy that will strengthen you not only for the coming year, but throughout your lifetime. The most important strength you can have is resonating with the unconditional support coming from the Universal and Creative Intelligence, which is a product of the Divine Source and connects to you via your physical intelligence. Dr. Yuen will activate and strengthen this connection for you. 

On the other hand, the more you resonate with the conventional Collective Thought, the more likely to experience failure or conflicting energy that will lead you to the opposite direction of the one that will guide you in evolving.

Make 2016 the Year You Finally Manifest
Your New Year’s Resolutions!

 Give Yourself the Holiday Present of Replacing the
Struggle in Your Life with Effortless Ease for 2016

 Most Importantly, Make the One Resolution
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Join Dr. Yuen’s Holiday and New Year’s Special Tele-Course and Tele-Clinic, and experience in real time how the negative effects in your life are deleted while new programs are installed.

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