Resolving Answers: Science of Happiness Frequently Asked Questions

July 14, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

My Science of Happiness Course is new.  Like brand new.  Steaming hot out of the oven new.  Consequently, I’ve received just about every question imaginable about it!

So if you find yourself wondering what The Science of Happiness Program is, what it’s all about, and how to take advantage of the nearly innumberable benefits it offers, simply read on because here are Resolving Answers to the 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about The Science of Happiness.

Top 10 Resolving Answers: Science of Happiness Course


Science of Happiness? What about Neutrality?9
Neutrality is vital to achieving results with Yuen Method. So at first glance my new Science of Happiness Program may feel counter intuitive. But like results, happiness provides a tangible barometer to measure improvement in yourself and others. So rather than remain neutral to happiness, let’s find happiness in neutrality. And let’s do it together.


8What is the difference between Total Access and VIP Access registration?
Total Access: Access to every live call, 24/7 access to course content + new geometric figures + personal & group strengthening + ViBE-FiT Video Tutorial
VIP Access: All Total Access Content + Priority during Q & A sessions + Live In LA! Video Course (pre-recorded video of Dr. Yuen’s Retreat in Los Angeles – $497 value!)


Can I ask Dr. Yuen questions during the course?
Yes. Though please do note that VIP’s are given priority during Q & A sessions to ensure personal questions and requests are answered to complete resolution. Q & A sessions take place on Thursdays and you will submit your questions through the Yuen Method membership area.


Is this a Tele-Clinic series or a Tele-Course series?

This is a hybrid course. The Science of Happiness is an all-inclusive program, meaning it utilizes elements of clinics and courses to bring the maximum benefit to you for the lowest price possible (Note: VIP Access allows you to 100% personalize the course to your own life situation through Priority Q & A access.)


Does this program provide credit towards Certification?

Yes. The Science of Happiness fulfills the Tele-Clinic prerequisite for my Yuen Method Certification Program. Total Access provides 1 credit towards Certification. VIP access provides 2 credits toward certification because it includes the Live in LA! Retreat Video Course ($497 value).


Just audio is involved in each lesson, right?

Yes. Aside from the VIP video course mentioned above, all course lessons and Q & A sessions will be delivered through live conference calls and digital audio files available exclusively in your Membership area.


Is this course offered in Spanish?

Yes. The Spanish course will start one week later than the English Program.  Calls will take place in the evening (Pacific Standard Time).  For add Click here to visit the official ‘La Ciencia De La Felicidad’ registration page.


How is Vibrational Fitness (aka ViBE-FiT) involved with this course?

ViBE-FiT will play a part in this course. And though everything you learn is powerful enough to stand on it’s own, I’ll show you how to use the ViBE-FiT system to speed up the entire Yuen Method process exponentially.


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Do I need to purchase a ViBE-FiT Bar?

The Fitness Bar is not a prerequisite for this course, though I highly recommended you pick one up on amazon so you can personally experience the maximum benefits of Vibrational Fitness.



Is there VIP space left?
Yes. I expanded the amount of VIP space to accommodate excess demand for this course. To be clear, I added 25 more spaces and once those 25 space are gone, VIP ACCESS WILL CLOSE. Take action now to be 1 of the final 25 to benefit most from this intimate new format!


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Though the ‘LIVE’ version of this program is complete, all digital course content is now available on the Yuen Method Shop: