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July 25, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Thank You For Your Wonderful Successes That Everyone Sent In!
Watch This Message From Dr. Yuen:

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I just wanted to share my experience and privilege when I listened to all the unsolicited testimonies of many people who had life improvement from being involved with the Yuen Method. You can listen to these recordings.

These were people from of all walks of life. They have experienced clinical and real life improvements, which have gone beyond any conventional clinical and life experiences they have ever experienced.

They also have experienced gains from the Yuen Method Tele-Courses and Tele-Clinics – achieving skills, which have not previously been possible from both Live Tele-Seminars and Tele-Clinics from anywhere in the world.

Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. – Kung Fu Grandmaster

Read These Amazing Success Stories:


During a private session with Dr Yuen, I told him I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I had been feeling very ill. Over the past six years, I gave up gluten, dairy, coffee and soda. My vision has improved from 20/40 to 20/30. My autoimmune Hashimoto’s is gone, my lifelong chronic bronchitis is gone, and my T4 and TSH are now normal.

I attribute these improvements to Dr Yuen.

All the best,

Kathy Sexton

My parents and I have been “patients” of Dr. Yuen’s for over 15 years. There are countless success stories for me and my parents’ health during that time. One of the most recent and perhaps slightly different success stories is when my dad had a private phone session on behalf of me and my husband’s regarding the situation with our home rapidly approaching foreclosure…..Dr.Yuen did an adjustment for the relationship between my husband and I, and the people at the bank, and within 24 hours what would seem to be miraculous, the bank changed their mind and gave us the modification we had been denied over and over again….. and a few days later we got a letter in the mail telling us we had been relieved of several hundred thousand dollars that we had back owed. Prior to my dad’s private call with Dr. Yuen we had a 0% chance of keeping our home. This is one of countless success stories me and my family have experienced with Dr. Yuen.

Stacey Hayes

Yes, I have results in myself and others that I improve. I finished my 33 radiotherapy sessions and I had no taste [after radiotherapy]. Experts of medicine say that I needed 3 months to recuperate my taste, but with the Yuen Method it happened 3 days after I finished my radiotherapy sessions.

I do all the modules and clinics and my life has changed. I improve all my clients and their pain disappears. I have results where everybody I improve is strong.

Telmo Sores

It is a pleasure for me to thank Dr. Yuen for all the improvements and changes produced by Yuen Method and Dr. Kam Yuen. My life has completely changed. It is always a constant change for the better. Today I am experimenting and improving daily. From myself, I realize what is happening around me. I react less and act more to improve everything I can. Before,my life was not moving. I had many emotional changes and things affected me. Now I have clarity to compare the two states. Only when I had this clarity, could I see these differences.

My family has improved and continues.My mother, who is 79 years old, no longer has pain or osteoarthritis. She had it for 40 years. My father, who is 83 years old, had a cancer removed and is walking almost daily for 2-3 miles. Physically, he beats his younger friends.

They are not depressed nor locked. Still doing things and dad’s humor and attitude has changed for the better. Relationships are different … we communicate and support each other in a very different way. My husband no longer has asthma. 20 kilos thinner. He resumed his profession and continues to improve his skills. My nephews are increasing their skills of all kinds: the ratio of notes increased by 20%. Their relationships, too. No family problems.

Resume: no longer live with problems….all can be resolved.

Today I am a consultant and teacher of the Yuen Method. I can not be more grateful for what I do. I can not stop. It is incredible to have had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Yuen.

All clinics, seminars, and consulting I have done has given me results. All have led me to be better, and to live better. What’s amazing is that it works for each of us to experience changes and improvements in our lives. No need to convince or believe.

Thank you all,

Marta Gros

I am so thankful for Dr. Yuen and the Yuen Method! The Yuen Method has improved my life in so many areas including health,relationships and finances. I have had digestive issues for years and Dr. Yuen cleared this for me in about 5 minutes on his blog talk show. I am also sleeping much better at night thanks to Dr. Kam Yuen.

Marcus Johnson

Many years ago, Dr. Yuen visited our church to give a demonstration and I was one of the lucky ones to be relieved of my pain. He actually visited twice. The first time I was not selected but spoke to him in the lobby afterwards. He healed my relationship with my mother (without my asking for that) and i’m so grateful because she now has alzheimer’s and i’m so glad she and I were able to get along for the last lucid years of her life.

The second visit was when I had excruciating pain in my hip and was taken on stage for Dr. Yuen’s demonstration. I really hadn’t thought anything could be done for my pain and he totally removed it. Astonishing. The pain was gone for a year and then slowly returned. A minister of my church had learned the Yuen Method during that period and she was able to relieve the pain (although not as completely or for as long). I then moved to Tennessee and the pain started to return until it was as excruciating as ever last year. I ordered the pain relief book, read it and applied it, and now i have control over the discomfort. Often, I can have pain free days, and a quick “strong, strong” will usually bring my body back into balance and comfort.

Thank you, Dr. Yuen! I am sincerely grateful! I wish everyone in the world could experience life without pain.

Deirdre Cole

I was paralyzed on my right hand, and if it wasn’t because of Dr Yuen, I wouldn’t be typing now, thank you!

Sara Arguello

Hi Yuen Team,

I have been learning and doing the Yuen Method for over 2 years, and have experienced tremendous changes in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Before I started doing this method with Dr.Yuen, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, as well as fibromyalgia, and severe multi-level spinal stenosis in my cervical region. Arthritis throughout my whole skeletal system. Tendinopathy left shoulder and tendinitis right elbow. I was in 17 motor vehicle accidents and was a survivor of child physical and sexual abuse. I was also an abused woman in my relationship. I was pretty much bedridden except for a few hours a day. I was on numerous medications and I could barely put two sentences together. I am a single parent of a child with Crohn’s disease. I spent most of her life with her in Children’s hospital. I could not even bend over to pick something up off the floor. I had extreme amounts of pain throughout my entire body. I could not clean my own home, let alone take care of my daughter. I was advised I should volunteer for people in wheelchairs so I wouldn’t feel so bad about my condition. I have no family support whatsoever, as my mother has passed from cancer. I laid in bed and listened to Dr.Yuen’s millionaire healer calls over and over. I took level 1 three times and levels 2 and 3 twice, as well as the Mastery Certification, plus other ongoing classes. I have done 3 private sessions with Dr.Yuen. He has assisted me so much in my life and taught me the tools so I could assist myself and others.

I now have my own business and I do weekly group sessions and private sessions, as well as trade show events. My daughter has been in remission and deleted her condition. I assist others to let go of old, limiting beliefs. I walk 4 miles a day. I have released over 30 pounds. My body is physically strong now. I have a new, great outlook on life. People guess my age to be considerably younger than I am. My doctors cannot believe the changes in my physical and emotional well-being. I continue to use this method daily it has become a way of life. I am eternally appreciative of Dr.Yuen. He is a brilliant man – way ahead of his time. He has assisted me to change my life when no one else could.


Valerie Pearson

Yes, I do have a success story. I was the second caller from (561) area code on July 01, 2014. I called in regarding a negative boyfriend situation. After speaking with Dr. Yuen, a weight regarding the situation was lifted and I broke off the relationship within that week. The remarkable thing is that I no longer felt connected to that person and I felt that my Karma was free from him and I just feel better all the way around.

Blessings and thank you so much from every cell in my being, as I was so tormented in that relationship, and now I am free and in a much better mind space.

Thank You and Many Blessings,

Michele (South Florida)

Four years ago I was very sick. I had allergies to a lot of chemicals, foods, clothing, furniture… I could barely move myself, eat or speak; I was connected 24-7 to an oxygen machine.

I had to live isolated and nobody could enter inside my house to assist me. Even my father, who is a doctor, could do nothing for me.My case was very extreme, but after four phone appointments with Dr. Yuen (and several tele-classes) I can live a normal life again.

I think this is a very good example of what the Yuen Method can do for anybody.

Best wishes,

Mariam Shubbak

Dear Dr. Yuen and the Team,

I should admit that I greatly benefited and still continue to benefit from learning and applying the Method. I’d like to highlight two aspects that have most profoundly influenced my perception of myself and the surrounding world. The first aspect relates to the state of neutrality that had the unexpected effect of speeding up my perception of the outside world and subsequently, my responses to it. This occurred through the evening out of the significance of information coming from the outside world (events, things, experience, etc.) and the degree of my adequate reaction to them. The second aspect pertains to using the Method for fixing other people’s (mostly my own relatives’) problems. I noticed that I can better resonate with those of their problems that are similar to my own issues, which creates a valuable source of self-discovery and exploration.

I’d like, time and again, to thank Dr. Yuen for his invaluable and life changing work, as well as his team for facilitating his work.

All my best,

Gulnar Kendirbai

Dear Yuen Method team members,

When I began the Yuen Method regularly I was improving being joyful and fit.But when I started with the combo package (tele-clinics and tele-seminars), I became really down as I’ve never felt before at each level -pain –temperature –very sleepy (I think it was an intoxication).

So I was late in listening and integrating the conferences. By applying your teaching I am really recovering well, but the speed is missing.
What makes me more confident in my practice is that at the end of a treatment with a patient, I knew that something bigger than usual has happened, confirmed instantaneously by the patient.And it is like a funny communication going on. I have joy within and an interesting vision of life.

It is a great opportunity to live this experience. I apply the Yuen Method and observe the immediate results. I am continuing working, feeling, and noticing improvement on me and others.

I am very grateful for Dr Kam Yuen helping, offering his Method, and his experience!!! Great appreciation for the marvelous work and efficiency of the team.

Let us all pray for the Eternal Peace and Love !!!

Marlène DEY

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