Holiday & New Year’s Special Tele-Course and Tele-Clinic

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That special time will soon be upon us when we revel in the most exhilarating week of the year celebrating Christmas and the New Year. First you have Christmas, which is always uplifting in your body, mind, and spirit.  Then comes New Year’s Eve with all the dressing up and partying, but despite all the […]


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Do You Ever Find Yourself: Frustrated because there is still something missing in your life, despite what you’ve accomplished?  Longing for fulfillment? Speculating on what to do with your life, unsure of yourself, aimless, directionless, or lost in general? Wondering if there isn’t something more out there, something more to life? Disconnected from what you’re […]

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Are You Making, Attracting and Receiving The Money You Deserve? If Not, Why Not? It’s Your Time To CHANGE That In This LIVE FREE Tele-Clinic. GO FOR IT! 100% INFINITE POTENTIAL, NOW! WATCH THIS FREE LIVE STREAM REPLAY  Focus: Financial, Career, and Life Purpose Powerful Benefits of this FREE Tele-Clinic: Stop all the negative chatter about […]

[Quiz!] How To Gain Certainty on Your Finances, Career & Life-Purpose!

Yuen Method Results

If You’re Owner/Employer Take This Quiz (For The Employee Quiz – Scroll Down!) Which of the following present a problem for you: ✔ Attracting/retaining more clients/patients/customers? Yes No ✔ Increasing gross profits? Yes No ✔ Increasing net profits/reducing overhead? Yes No ✔ Competitors? Yes No ✔ Theft, embezzlement? Yes No ✔ Expanded too fast? Yes […]

Money Weakness Checklist

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1. Are you having difficulty with any of the following eight key financial areas? ✔ Paying for essentials (35% of Americans say yes) ✔ Maintaining a comfortable life style  (75% of Americans say yes) ✔ Accumulating excess debt (70% of Americans say yes) ✔ Paying off debt (35% of Americans say yes) ✔ Saving money […]

Your Real Answers to Less Aging


Take this aging quiz and see how you size up? Do you believe that the following changes are inevitable for most people as they age, or are you or someone you know presently experiencing any of the following? Changes in Body Functions?     Progressive decline in short-term memory? Yes No More difficulty learning? Yes […]

[FREE REPLAY] Less Aging: Delete Your Aging Pain and Stress

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Watch This Free Replay Here: If you are not getting results with rejuvenation (sexual, skin, hair, vision, facial, body size reduction), don’t give up on it. As in singing and playing a game of sport, you have to do it and get coached on it until you get the results you want. This is the […]

Do Your Pain or Life Problems

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THANKS TO THE MANY OF YOU WHO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF OUR BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET OFFER! Dr. Yuen was amazed that so many of you enthusiastically embraced and became elite members of his new and innovative synergetic club for deleting pain and stress. One of Dr. Yuen’s most frequently asked questions is: “Why do […]