Back Pain Fundraiser and Teleclinic

June 13, 2018 J Worrall


Do You or Someone You Know 
Have Extreme Back Pain?

Now You and I Can Resolve It
Immediately on the Spot!

When you experience and know the real causes, reasons, sources and how those factors affected you, you will acquire immediate relief, resolution and result of being Back Pain Free.

Hello, I’m Doctor Kam Yuen D.C., I have consistently shown and taught countless doctors and therapists globally for decades how to resolve backpain. When they recognize the weaknesses that affect their life situation, which produce the back pain, it can improve the effectiveness of their treatments. They will achieve immediate results for their patients including backpains without treating, curing and healing. Those ancient protocol are outdated and ought to be abolished!

As a former aerospace engineer and doctor of chiropractic, solving the problems for planes and spacecrafts to fly require more intelligence and ingenuity than to resolve humanity’s back pains….

K. Yuen, D.C. 

As humans you already have the intelligence and ingenuity to resolve backpain without reliance on belief, studies and researches. We already know how to do it. Just applying the exact insight of knowing what, when and how to do it within less than a minute. Not hundreds of years later and still not have a clue to resolve it.

Common accusing causes you will find in the Internet are:

Working long hours in a desk job, long commutes, not enough exercise, not stretching enough, too much sit-ups for your abdominal, unhealthy diet, toiling heavy luggage, sleeping on old bed mattress, wearing high heels and non-supported shoes, holding grudges against others, not relaxing enough, not paying attention to the pain.

Those listed are temporary and general causes of back pain. Knowing them are not really solutions to resolve backpains.

I will resolve those causes for you after when you join. Millions of people have ongoing backpains. It’s the leading cause of disability in people younger than 45, and many things can cause it.
Back pain is one of the most common causes of hospitalization. Studies have shown that back pain is the cause to over one-fifth of the common reason for hospitalizations. It is the third most common cause of surgery.

Let me give you the experiences how easy it is to resolve backpain. There is nothing complicated about it.


Join me and become the leading expert, master and be certified and licensed in using ALL Fitness Solutions by D. Yuen to resolve All Back Pains, without attending medical, chiropractic and acupuncture schools.

No health-related protocols will be taught. You will support health professionals to achieve outstanding results for their patients and clients if you are not a licensed healthcare professional.

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