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Heart Attacks & Strokes Fundraising Webinar

Heart Attacks and Strokes Concerns, Worries, and Fears not only for yourself but other members of your family and friends?   You will have physical weaknesses that associate with concerns, worries and fears! Those will make you more prone to heart attacks and strokes   You will RESOLVE truthfully all of those worries, concerns, and fears within […]

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Cancer & Serious Ailments Fund Raising Event

There is no treating, curing, healing and praying of this overly considered disease, just improving so you can be at ease with this and any disease. Nothing for you to learn, meditate on, visualize, take deep breaths for, be inspired and memorize except to experience directly the immediate technological improvement for yourself and others.  You can […]

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Pets Fundraising Event

You will be shown, NEVER LECTURED, on how to turn off your mind in a matter of seconds. This way you can communicate with them with your central, physical and innate intelligence and connect to their similar intelligence that you and animal experts do not know exist. Join Us (Click on the link of the […]

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