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More on Heart and Strokes In addition to the Fundraising Event:

Besides just eating properly, exercising, taking your medicine and consuming nutritional supplements. There are additional steps you can take to generate strength and fitness for your heart and the capillaries in your brain? You can experience how to process in knowing if your pains in the vicinity of your heart is your heart or coming from other parts of your body in a matter of seconds. You can restore the fitness of your heart and blood vessels without spending and indulging a lot of time, effort and energy in exercising.

After all your heart is the strongest organ making up of the strongest cells, and tissues in comparison to the rest your body. Experience how to keep it that way. You wish that the rest of your body is as strong and fit as your heart. Now you can experience that and fulfill your wishes immediately. You can strengthen and increase the fitness in your blood vessels with similar processing.

Experience how to access and make each component of your heart, evenly fit, in synchronize and coordinate with each other, and do likewise with your blood vessels. Experience how to stop, eliminate and delete all the negative and weakening influences from your family, friends, coworkers, colleagues and even casual acquaintances in reference to your heart. This can even be coming from your own cardiologist.

Nothing to believe, nothing to take, nothing to be healed, cured, treated or words of wisdom, inspiration, motivation and loving advices to listen to.


3 Week TeleClinic Resolving Heart & Strokes Weaknesses.

  • The first 75 people who enrolled in these 3 Tele-clinics will have their heart attack and stroke concerns worries and fears problems resolve live.
  • Dr. Yuen will accept each person’s call and resolve them with your acknowledgment that it has been resolved and everyone in attendance and listening to this recording will acquire the skills to repeat the process.
  • Once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. 25 persons heart and strokes problems per each week will be resolved.


Dr. Yuen’s 3-fold purpose is to:

  1. Demonstrate this can be done and you can repeat that from having more real experience, not talking and making excuses of the problem. It can be done without physical interactions.
  2. Surrogate Improvement can be made without the person with the problem to cooperate. You can act as Surrogate to improve and resolve anyone’s heart and stroke weaknesses.
  3. To form Real Support Groups with those who are in the support group experience real immediate improvement.


Fitness for Your Heart TeleClinic

price is $197.

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