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Immediately Resolve ALL your life problems, which include Health, Fitness, Relationship, Money/Finance/Prosperity, Purpose/Career/Education/Employment/Entrepreneurship, Less Aging/Master of Time. This includes you, your family, friends and your pets.

Private Consultations with Dr. Yuen,
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Why Do Patients, Doctors and Businesses Consult with Dr. Yuen, DC

Dr. Yuen, the founder of the Yuen Method, has been on the cutting edge of eliminating people’s physical and nonphysical pains on the spot for over 30 years. He was the first person to delete people’s pain without physical contact and even without verbalization. To date he has successfully done this for hundreds of thousands of people in over thirty countries. The reason nonverbal is mentioned is because there are intelligent people in the world who think this is some kind of talk therapy.

Patients, doctors and businesses often consult with Dr. Yuen as their last resort. When people fail to achieve results in health, life and business, they ultimately seek him out. He is the first person to eliminate people’s pains, business and life problems over the phone. There is no need for a face-to-face meeting. Dr. Yuen has and still consults people all over the globe with extraordinary results.

A few unscrupulous healers, therapists and doctors in the past have thought and accused Dr. Yuen’s high technological approach to resolving life and particularly health problems of being purely bogus. They think this only until they witness and experience the results for themselves. Dr. Yuen has resolved people’s life/health problems in a matter of seconds in front of thousands of live audiences and during radio and TV shows. This stops all debate, argument and frivolous scrutiny and research. Dr. Yuen accepts any friendly challenge from anyone, organization and government who wants to present a rebuttal that this cannot be done.

Dr. Yuen has held seminars around the globe teaching this revolutionary method to others. These results are achievable by anyone even without extensive knowledge of health. In case of businesses, you don’t have to have any vast business experience or background to achieve desirable results, such as tripling your bottom line while actually reducing your work time. Dr. Yuen’s purpose is to show that you can take care of yourself and your family members as the real “life” expert, not relying on doctors, business consultants, marriage consultants and so on.

For you to have the ability to become this adept, it is just a matter of you experiencing the technique and being exposed to Dr. Yuen’s decades of experiences as a healthcare professional. Anyone can gain expertise and make improvements in life for him or her and other members of the family This includes everyone’s family pets such as cats, dogs, horses, birds, turtles and etc. All of these results can be achieved without conscious cooperation from anyone. This is very useful, since you can improve family members without telling them. This is nothing more than taking the extra step to improve your family instead of just thinking highly and lovingly of them. There is nothing sinister about this nor is it a violation of anyone’s privacy.

Personal Phone Consultations with Dr. Yuen

A personal consultation with Dr. Yuen is the most unique life experience that you will ever have.

It will be a life changing experience, not by self-proclamation or made by a marketing agency but the undeniable step-by-step acknowledgeable results anyone who consults with Dr. Yuen receives. You will feel and perceive the notable desirable changes in yourself in a matter of seconds. The common clique’ that changing is painful and healing takes time does not ever apply.

Dr. Yuen is the first doctor to insist that it is only the results that count. He does not believe in “trying.” He is constantly pushing the envelope achieving results for everyone, especially those who haven’t experienced permanent results from previous conventional approaches. However, Dr. Yuen does not advocate that anyone quit their conventional treatments. His primary objective is to strengthen any patients to be the strongest that he or she can be and to recover quickly and consistently from any serious or unserious diseases/injuries. The Yuen Method takes away any disheartening discouragement from everyone by quickly restoring everyone back to normal.

Dr. Yuen and his Yuen Method have unswervingly transformed serious disease to unserious disease. One of his steps is to truthfully take the seriousness out of any disease, allowing the patient/person to gain the physical, mental and spiritual strength to recover on the spot. There is no drawn out treatment. The Yuen Method does not advocate any prolonged treatment or therapy. The method does not require any change of conscious belief or the acquiring of faith and/or the undergoing of any religious or spiritual epiphany. It is similar to any doctor’s and/or consultant’s advice. The difference is this: It is accompanied by immediate results. The method is backed up by science and known as Dr. Yuen’s New Science of Immediate Results.

The Yuen Method has included the six leading life supports, which Dr. Yuen has referred to as the Hexagon of Leading Life Supports. These six elements are:

  1. Health
  2. Fitness
  3. Relationship
  4. Money/Finances
  5. Career/Purpose/Business/Education
  6. Less Aging/More Time

The numbers of personal consultations available with Dr. Yuen directly are limited since he prefers speaking, teaching and authoring on the new human approach to self-improvement for all earthy beings bar none. His goal is to raise the bar for humanity until everyone can and will resolve and answer his and her life problems and questions immediately on the spot. It is time for you to claim your own expertise.

If you are outside the United States, give us your Skype name for your appointment.

Q: What is the cost & length of a personal phone consultation with Dr. Yuen?

A: Personal consultations with Dr. Yuen are 25 minutes and the cost is US $700.00. If you choose to extend the consultation past 25 minutes, Dr. Yuen’s time permitting, overtime charges will apply.

Q: How soon will my phone consultation take place?

A: Personal consultations are available Wednesday, and Friday mornings between the hours of 12:00pm-12:30pm PST. Dr. Yuen’s phone consultations are typically booked between one- three weeks in advance and you can choose your time using the calendar at the top of this page.

Q: What happens during a personal consultation with Dr. Yuen?

A: During the consultation, Dr. Yuen will determine the root source that is causing problems for you. Or as Dr. Yuen says, he will determine your leading weakness(es). Then by using the Yuen Method, he will determine the root source that is causing the differing weaknesses which are responsible for the life problems you are experiencing. It is through energetically strengthening you to these different weaknesses, that problems can be deleted and improvement can occur immediately.

The consultation begins with Dr. Yuen first asking you a few questions about what type of problems you are experiencing and how they affect you physically and make you feel emotionally. While asking these questions, he will determine your leading weaknesses and strengthen each of them. Then, he will then follow up by asking you questions about how you feel. It is important to go off “feeling” as opposed to “thinking”.

The consultation continues in this fashion based on the problems you describe to him. Problems we have in life are multidimensional, for example the culprit behind the physical problems we experience may be mental, emotional, spiritual, or psychological weaknesses.

So remember, it may be surprising to hear exactly what types of weaknesses are the underlying source behind our physical problems! But to many it is even more surprising that our pain and stress can be deleted on-the-spot when our unknown weaknesses are collectively strengthened using the Yuen Method!

Q: How do I connect with Dr. Yuen and can I use Skype?

A: Yes. We encourage everyone outside of the USA to use Skype to contact to Dr. Yuen. Please give us your skype name in your phone field.

At your scheduled time, Dr. Yuen will Skype or call you using the information you provided (alternatively if you are using Skype, you will contact him).

Q: Great! I chose my consultation time on the calendar at the top of this page and purchased my consultation time, what is my next step now?

A: CHECK YOUR EMAIL to ensure you receive confirmation of your consultation, including confirmation that you provided the correct phone number/skype id for Dr. Yuen to contact you.

This brand new consultation reservation process has been streamlined FOR YOU, to ensure it is as simple as possible to connect with Dr. Yuen to have your unknown weaknesses identified and strengthened! We are all about removing barriers and limitations, and this is just another example of successfully doing so!

Q: How do I change/reschedule my Consultation Time?

A: If you wish to Reschedule your Consultation time, you can use the cancellation/reschedule link that is provided in your consultation confirmation email.

This brand new consultation reservation process has been streamlined FOR YOU, to ensure it is as simple as possible to connect with Dr. Yuen to have your unknown weaknesses identified and strengthened! We are all about removing barriers and limitations, and this is just another example of successfully doing so!

Remember, Dr. Yuen is only available to do a limited number of personal phone consultations each week. This is a very special opportunity to have your unknown weaknesses identified and strengthened personally by Dr. Yuen, providing you with many invaluable benefits and insights in the process.

Personal consultations with Dr. Yuen will only be available for a limited amount of time moving into the future, so if you have ever thought about doing this we strongly encourage you to do so now!

If you are outside the United States, we encourage you to provide us with your Skype name as this is the most preferable way to connect with Dr. Yuen for your personal consultation.