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Financial Problems? Delete Your Financial Stress:

If you are having financial difficulties – you can join us for our five week clinic where Dr. Yuen will specifically delete your financial stress: 5 Week Tele-Clinic Or you can learn the method  to delete stress for yourself and others (also become a certified Instructor):   Learn the Yuen Method (HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA LA […]

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How to Delete Your Relationship Pain & Stress

Thank You for Watching. If you are having relationship difficulties – you can join us for our five week clinic where we will address this: 5 Week Tele-Clinic    Learn the Yuen Method (HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN ESPAÑOLA) Module 1, 2, and 3 Combo Registration is Open! Click Here (HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA LA […]

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How to have Answer to any Question or Concern!

Up Coming Events: Experience the Yuen Method here: 5 Weeks Yuen Clinic. Learn the Yuen Method here: Module 1, 2 and 3 Webinar. Insight Quote: When you simplify your logic, the answer follows as soon as you ask the question. Otherwise, you have a question, and then you have another question and another question on […]

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The Source of Pain

  Pains commonly are physical, mental and emotional. They are also psychological, psychic and spiritual. Pains already reside inside of you. Pains are internally inside your body, mind and spirit. This is in spite of  everyone’s conventional belief that the sources of pain are mainly physical, and externally originated. The sources are not obvious. Wherever […]

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Resolving Needless Psychological Problems

Do family members, friends and others who you know have serious and even unserious psychological problems? These needless suffers could be your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, children and grandchildren. They are needlessly living with their unresolved life problems. Their problems become yours and even society’s problems. Their problems still will be yours even when you […]

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Resolve Karma To Achieve Desirable Results Now

The same thing with intuition. If you are influenced by family members, when i say family members that could be you or your ancestors in the spirit worlds. So the ancestor, it doesn’t have to be alive to influence you. In fact they influence you negatively even more when they are not alive, right? So […]

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